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Of Mice And Men Review

Note; my jkeybopards cr-p so theres typloes
of mice and men
this is my reviewe on of mice/men
thwe 30s version
I read the book in highschool
it has a lot of swear wordfs
back in the glory days of the 50s, we whipped kids for saying those worsds
now grade schools are all swearing like Italian rappers
ooh; hal roach did diss
the film starts with some dudes running from some angry mob who wants them dead
I assume they're gonna gert b0ned dead
they hop a running train and the opening credits start
turns out the guys are the penguin/the midget from roy and lon chaney 2
lon dchaney 2 is mentally handicapped
they are then riding a bund the bus driver lets them off 10 miles b4 the job theyre going to
later theyre walkimng through e woods (like that other lon chaney 2 film; the wulf man) and lon chaney 2 drinks out of sitting water
l c 2 has a pet dead bird which rocky midget throws away
I think hes got a necro zoo fetish
thenthey eat beans (GROSS!) AND lon channy 2 wants ketchup()I guess that might make em ok_)
its revealed that l c 2 tried feeling a girls dress and she freaked out
I assume he truied b0ning the dress or jhe may have gensder issues
later rocky midget says he wants to put l c 2 in a cage with 1 000 000 rabbits and let THEM pet him
this guys got a weird fetish
couldn't it be something normal like fat chicks or female body builders??
better than hermaphroduites
like all tghose animes
then lc 2 gets rockey midget to tell him his fantasy about living in some place with rabbits
i think lon chaney jr has a rabbit fetish
it all starts with bunny-girls in casinos
then deviolves into rabbits
like with bronys getting into real horses
the next day they get 2 their job and rockey midget does all the talking for l c 2 and claims he can lift a 400lb bag of barley
that's like a fat chick!
or a Japanese family
on the way to their mission they m an old guy who's been crippled by a horse or something
his name is crooks
or crux
I think hes supposed to be black but I cant tell
its also revealed the guy who had the beds before the heroes was ocd and mental about cleaning
late this mean midget comes in and is racist against l c 2 cuz hes tall
he hates talls and always fights em out of his malcontent self hatred over his midgetness
hes also got a wife who hes overptective of
his boss sez to the mean midget
sticvk 2 ur job and forgit yo wife 4v 1 hour
that sounds likwe something you'd tell a P0RN0E actor
I think he also cripples a guy for being in the same room as his wife
but his wife is malxcontent over not having anyone to be frinds/homies with
also I think his wife is a new yorker
find the cure
lster the mean midget picks a phight with a guy named slim for him letting the wife have a puppy
I hate dogs too
hope they go extinct
l c jr wants a puppy and the guy sez ja
then rocky midget has lon chaney 2 lift up a wagon ful of stuff and a few peiople
if this were d&d he would be a great barbarian
after rockey midget tells l c 2 not to be with the wife, l c 2 sez he wants to leave this place
hes psychic too
then rockey midget (who I wanna call "batman midget) tells l c 2 to hide in the brush by the river
later they go see the puppys and l c 2 seems happy
this old dog belonging to this guy called "candy" (that sounds like a prison name) and the dog is crippled and stinks
they want it shot
then batman midget tells his backstory if meeting lon chaney 2
at dinner he tells of him caring for l c 2
if this were made today they would be butt buddies
theres then a long scene of them eating
just like in dbz
and the wife keeps trying to seduce this guy(I think the mean midget)
later candy's dog stinks up the place and they try to get the dog shot
candy is one of thosenuts who thinks animals are his fimily
one guy sez he wants someone to shoot him I he becomes a cripple
I know several handicapps who would disagree
well, humans aren't dogs
candy is missing a hand]
hes got a hoof or something
after much preassure candy lets them cap his dogs a55
imagine if he says; see you in h-ll! to his dog
wasn't that steve jobs last words?
i'lllllllll seeeeeeeee yoouuuuuuu allllllllll innnnnnnn h-lllllllllll!!!
candy seems bummed after his dog got capped
hope he doesn't hang himself
maybe he'd start b0ning his dead dog out of mental imbalance
in violence jack the biker gang leader ate his hermaphrodite girlfriends corpse after finding her
I can imagine candy eating his dog (maybe while b0ning it) saying; you'll live on in meeeee!!
this is getting kinda screwed up
but nothings happening in the film
later the wife goes in the barn and silm is in there
so the mean midget goes to fight him
later l c 2 is amused by playing cards looking the same top/bottom
l c 2 is a good actor
did he did an oskar?
they usually give it to handicapped playing actors
I cant believe that brit playing that wheelcrair nerd beat Michael keaton
all he did was sit in a chair and drool for 3 hours
I wouldn't be surprised if some guy wins an oskar for sitting in a couch and j-rkin off for the whole movie
later batman midgwet tells lon chaney 2 about his fantasy and candy says he wants in
they find if they poole their money they can buy a place like that
candy worrys about being put to sleep like his dog as hes handicapped with his arm stump
then he regrets not capping his crippled dog himself
then mean midget comes in and is all p'd off
everyone knows hes a candya55 and he tries to perove his toughness by beating up lon chaney 2
after taking multiple hits, batman midget tells lon chaney 2 to fight back and he freekin CRUSHED IN THE MEAN MIGHETS HA\ND LIKE ITS MADE OF MR BIG BARS!!
this movie is bad a55
take that you little p o s!
nest time its your skull!!
that would be awesome seeing lon chaney jr crushing in that midgets head with his bare hands
like that guy in RIKI-OH
when the mean midgets revives they say to tell em he got his hand crushed in on a machine
doesn't want anyone to know he got bwned by a guy 2-3x his size
later lon chaney 2 talks to the crippled black guy and hes kinda malcontent
hes really sour and salty and gives loncahy bad fearful thoughts and ideas
lon chaney nearly cruches his skull in for scareing him
he should've
that guys a no good p o s jaw borny candy a55
he needs a camel clutch
and so on
then candy comes in and talk about the fantasy dream
the black guy wants in
later batman midget comes in and tells crux(the black guy) crux isn't in the plan
then the wife comes in asking about the mean midgets hand
he thinks its good her husband got his hand crushed in
batman midget tells her in a metaphor way that its not the crushers fault
shes not smart enuff to get
she figures out its lon chaney 2 and seems interested in him
later she mocks her husband for being disabled
what a b---h
hope someone crushes something of hers in
I admit hes a p o s but theres no need to add insult to injury
I just realized that maybe in stead of him getting in a fight and getting his hand crushed in, maybe he started trying to b0ne lon chaney jr and lon chaney b0ned him crippled
I pictured it
later lon chaney is in the barn with his puppy and its dead
I think he b0ned it dead
and the wife comes in and talks to him
he tries to keep away from her cuz shes gonna cause problems for her
she reveals she almost got into movies
but her mom hid the acceptad she married the mean midget
now she plans to go to the movies and wear nice clothes
meanwhile lon chaney jr keeps talking about his fantasy
lon chaney 2 says he likes to pet nice things, smooth things
that sounds indecent
she has him feel her head hair and he likes it
then she freaks out and lon chaney jr acciden5ally killas her
I thibnk in the real version he started b0ning her and heb0ned her dead
he then runs away
later they discover her corpse
batman midget realizes it was lon chaney jr who b0ned her dead
and once word ghets out, the husband midget is gionna have him vivisected
like that guy in genocyber
batman midget and candy get ready to reveal her
as batman midget gets ready, candy starts conplaining at the corpse
I assume he was b0ning it out of rage in the real version
then the other guys come in and realze it was lon chaney 2 who did it and prepare to have him sent to a nut house to be used in daemon rituals
or w/e they did to crazys in the 20s
later the lynchmob is going through fake looking forests and batmN midget finds lon chaney jr
l c 2 feels bad about killing her and is surprised batman midget isn't mad
then talks about how hes always talking about "if I was \free I could do my own things''
he has l c 2 listen to his talking about his fantasy dream and look at the water as he talks
as hes happy at "seeing the dream", batman midget blows off lon chaneys head with a 6 shooter
later he gives the gun to the sherrif
the end
for of mice and men 2 I'd like the batman midget to be obsessed with resurrecting lon chaney 2 to make up for blowing his head off. he's gathered black magic artifacts and is now running a mental nut house after wanting to see how bad it would've been for lon chaney 2 to survive. using the mental imbalance of the inmates, he ritual sacrifices them to summon lon chaney jr but being unnatural, its rotting and has energy tentacles shoot out at times and tear people apart.  with his mind complete now as half of it died before the 1st movie and after going to the next world they recombined and now hes an evil genius (yet pretends to be handicapped to get what he wants. his ultimate goal is to tear apart the mean midget who's hand he crushed in(who now has a cyber arm with several weapons built in) and is only using batman midget to get his way(as he is fully awarte of how he was treated as a child by him and his head getting blown off to, so hes wanting vengeance)

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