Thursday, February 4, 2016

Santa Fe Trail Review

note; my ketboard is awful so forgive my bad typing
santa fe trail
this is my review of santa fe trail
its about some soldiers in the goode olde slavery days
it starts with some Americanos in west point
this renegade named john brown is making trouble with the dangerous ideas of abolition
wasn't john brown inspector gadgets human name in the live action movie?
sounds like union propaganda!!
this guy reads brown propaganda and it starts a fight
cuz of that, the fighters are sent to Kansas as its a dangerous place
the guy spreading propaganda is dishonorably discharged
this film also has the pure hearted girl from gone with the wind as the love interest
the class graduates and are sent to kansas
Kansas cant decide if its a slave or anti-slave state
im lernging!
they referenced napolean
I just saw the silent film of him last night
its a sign
then some guys try to recapture some slaves
then shoot some guy
I think it was the abolitionist who shot the guy
they talk about the trouble brown is making
so some people are building a railroad through Kansas but it might not be safe

like in Robotech, they go on a mission to protect a thing carrying supplies going through
and john brown is leading a bunch of malcontent americans on raids and attacks
just like Robotech with the zentraedi
the guy who shot the slave owners returns and is hated b his dad for leaving slaves behind
john says a prayer which makes him seem a bit unbalanced'
johns kid urges him not to attack the wagon group but he ignores it
john lies about being john smith so he can steal the "bibles" being shipped on the wagons
a crate of "bibles" is dropped and its revealed to be firearms
johnny pulls a gun and his reinforcements arrive(including the guywho was kicked outta west point)
just like in contra hard corps, the kicked out guy rival doesn't fight on their 1st encounter as enemies
then a gunfight breaks out
and a chase
I the chaos, johns cautious kid is capped
and they get the guns back
his son survives but wants out from the family
son doesn't have much info as his dad never trusted him
brown seems like an 1800s fred phelps
but he steals and kills and is mentally unbalanced
but other than that hes just like him
son is freaked out from his daddy issues
he seems really traumatized
and wants to kill him
he reveals his dads base
this seems like Robotech with them striking back at the base after a raid
theres like a dozen levels just like this movie in the gamecube game Robotech battlecry
then the son died
they go on an attack on the protoculure factory-I mean brown base
the kicked out guy is malcontent from not being paid
odd enough, brown is disgruntled o333999333ver his son being captured
he plans to destroy Delaware crossing
when the military gets there, the place is wrecked
jon frees slaves then just leaves em to their own devices without giving them any way to make a living or support themselves
out of the frying pan, into the fire
the military has a few guys go into town
he  goes to a barber to gather info
but the town finds out hes in the service
the kicked out guy faces the hero and captures him
he talks with john and tries to reason with him
but hes to unbalanced to listen
he compares himself to God as his son died "for the sins of the world"
they plan to execute the soldier but he gunfights his way out
he gets caught in a burning barn nd the army comes in for an epic battle
johns other son gets capped and the hero escapes the burning barn
john and his men escape
one guy thinks johns forces are broken forever
the kicked out guy returns and outs browns plans so he can get reward cash
time for the final battle to end the war
until the next war breaks out
like in Robotech how every other decade is another alien war
kicked out guy returns to john to avoid suspicion
john takes prisoners and plans to get to virginia
the townsfolk attack and an epic battle breaks out
then the army comes in and tries to negotiate
john decides to fight to the death
they have a long battle
john realizes the kicked out guy betrayed him
so he guns him down
the hero captures john and john is hanged for his crimes
but he gives a speech like gol D roger in one piece that sets off a new era
th girl from gone with the wind says hes something more terrible than one man
shes in quite a few slave owner movies
well, she IS a democrat lol
the movie ends with the girl and hero marrying
or santa fe trail 2 i'd like a following of their adventures in the civil war and the after years where the south is like mad mad with raiders attacking south towns and a defence force is put together, just like in Robotech. maybe an attack from England and whats left of America's forces after the war wage a battle against the brits. with the south of america attacking after the war between them ends and taking over but america and Canada try to free them from the slavery of all countries south of america... so basically Robotech.

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