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Cape Fear Review

ntoe; my comp s-cked. theyres maybe typeos
cape fear
this is my review on cape fear(the Gregory pweck version)
my 1st taste of cape fear was the simpsons em
oh, this ones from 62
ooh, this is based on a book
ooh, really good epic dark theme music
current music is kinda cr-ppy
so Robert mitchum walks into this building and the music makes it epic
he walks in on greg peck winning an argument in court with calm logic
later \mitchum talks to greg
he comments on a teen walking with a "wiggle" and greg drives off
when greg gets home he is greeted by his daughter who he's like 2 feet taller tan boweling
but at the bolweing alley is mitchum who seems rather openly hetero with the chicks there
greg sees mitchum and gets disgruntled
mitchum tells greg he's here to check out his fam
later greg peck talks to a cop chum or w/e saying how mitchum is threatening him w/o being illegal
he tells the cop friend that years ago mitchum nearly b0ned this girl dead and greg did something to keep him from going free
the cop friend tries to get mitchum arrested on a minor thing but mitchum is a step ahead and closed the loophole
if this were made nowadays, the cops would be the bad guys and the ex con would be showed in a positive light
also the ex con would be black and the cops would be racist
at a bar the cops pick him up and its revealed that mitchum studied law in tprison
wtf the cops strip search mitchum
hope he don't get a cavity search
they search his wallet and since he's got $7 they wanna kick him outta town
but he's got a bank thing for $5400
they interrogate him
and he goes off with gregh saying; stay off my property
the next day gregs dog is barking and greg learns mitchum was let out hours ago
also he sold rthe family farm foe around 6000
they the dog stops barking and they take it to the hospital
turns out it was assassinated
the dr sez; its the same as murdering a human
so when I crushed that mosquito and smeared my stolen blood on the wall im as bad as mao ze dong?
or when I crushed 100 fruit flies in an hour that makes me Mussolini?
what about all those frenchies "murdering" spiders?
later greg peck tells his fam about the issue
then the mom dreams of her conversations with her husband
she wakes up and goes through the dark house
but freaks out seeing a hat and coat on a wall
sometime later greg is in court and the chief of police pulls him out to talk
turns out mitchum got one of those civil rights commies to fight for him
they meet and he says they the cops are after him
after going through what the cops did, he bashes the force for putting guards at gregs house
when greg asks who told him that, the lawyer pauses and claims its "common knowledge"
afterward the chief sez greg needs to get a private dick
later mitchum is driving with a woman and notices he's being followed
so he takes a longer route
later the private dick outs mitchum to the cops about him being in a hotel with a wo man
the cops go up w/o a warrrent and find the chick mitchum was with but with a bruise
in the real version I assume she was missing a few limbs
maybe organs hanging out
she wont tell on mitchum so the private dick trys to get her to squeal
he tries to guilt her into it but shes too ashamed of being nearly b0ned dead by him
so she skips town
the private dick tells greg to get in toucvh with some dangerous waterfront union thugs
he sez; a type like dat is an animal! so u gotta fight him like an animal!
but humans fighting smarter is what makes us superior to animals
plus us having souls
later greg and his fam are at the lake and mitchm checks out the daughter
greg peck don't take it well and tells him off
mitchuim compliments his daughters figure and peck starts swinging but mitchum don't fight back
to quote hank hill; if I hit him back its a fight. if I don't, its assault
later mitchum walks near a place greg pecks daughter is
its sorta like Halloween 1
she runs out and gets hit by a car
or nearly hit
its like in riki-oh the story of ricky with the girl escaping druggies
later gteg peck gets a guin
his woman tyries to stop him but he goes
so she calls the cops on him
but he comes back and hangs up
greg tries to pay off mitchum to leave town
he offers 10 000then another 10 000 over 2 years
but mitchuim sez that don't add up to min wage for 8 years in jail
he reveals his wife left him for him going to jail
she took his kid and married another man
he got even with her with some story that I assume was cleaned up for the movie In the 60s
he then says he wants revenge like a Chinese 1000 cuts thing
I think he did that to his ex wife
maybe ate the parts
greg calls him a "shocking degenerate" and leaves
after explaining to his wife how he cant put his daughter through testifying (which makes me think mitchum b0ned her) he has the union thugs beat on mitchum
but mitchum beats up those union thugs and calls greg and sez hes gonna use the law against him
greg tells his wife he's got a plan
the next day the civilrights commie sez one of the union thugs spilled his guts in the hospital and outed greg
greg sez his plan is to fake going to Atlanta and getting on a houseboat with his fam and killiong mitchum when he does stuff
if this were made today ther'red be facebook postings and stuff involved in this plan
after doing the plan he waits for him in his house boat
mitchum follows the cop at gregs house boat
at night he makes his move
the cop trie to stop him but is caught by mitchum and killed
I assume in the real version he b0ned him dead
greg find the body and the houseboat goes down the river
he tells his daughter in the other houseboat to call the sherrif
the moms houseboat hits a sandbar and stops
mitchum talks to the wife and breaks an egg with 1 hand and greases up them both
he tries to get her to consent to him b0ning her by saying he wont go after the daughter if she consents
bte the mom is making p0rn0 noises as he talks so I assume hes really b0ning her
when ghreg gets in he sees his w8fe freaked out saying "its nancy"(the teen daughter)
this movie is a lot like the lilliasn gish film; night of the hunter
mitchum gets the teen and takes her oputsidethen we see greg walking in good b/w night and mitchum ambushes him
they fight and  mitxchum tries drowning greg
greg fakes being dead to let mitchuim let him go
then greg busts mitchums head w/ a rock
I assumer in te real version it either busted an eye, or revealed brains
rather than finish mitchum off, greg runs and mitchum hunts him with a wood w/ a nail in it
I just realized that greg pech should've taken kung fu to become strong enough to fight back
maybe beat up a buncha weaker guys to increase his level
so greg gets him gun he dropped and capps mitchum
greg doesn't finish mitchum as he wants him to live in prison and get b0ned every day
the end
for cape fear 2 o'd like for Robert mitchum to have gotten off as he was "driven to do it" by greg peck's constant harassment and greg peck has wound up in jail for all the stuff he did to mitchum. it shows 2 stories; greg realizing how awful prison is, and mitchum gradually recovering from the brain damage and organ loss from his final fight with greg. at the end, greg gets out of prison all roided up and mitchum ic implants to restore his busted body and they have a wwf style death match. also greg pecks wife is really pregnant from mitchum b0ning her in the 1st movie and has gotten really really faaaaaaaaat!!

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