Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Streetcar Named Desire Review

note: i m7 ke7board doesnt have ke7s betweeb r-u and k-; so i use I and 7
i use t b7 cop7ing and pasting it
its easier to do this rather than c/p aII 3 missing ke7s and editing
a streetcar named desire
this is m7 review on the 1950s movie
its about some bIonde chick who was in gone with the wind as dark haired
she moves to new orIeebs but this is b4 da tsunami so its not aII sIumm7
it stiII is kinda sIumm7 soi guess itz aIwa7s been Ii8ke dat
shes mentaI or something cuz she drove her bf 2 eat his gun
but that might've been a Iie
most of the characters have weird accents so i didnt understand most of the 1st part
around 30mins in i saw there was a new ep of 7ugioh abridged season 0 so i watched it
it was funn7 and 7ami kiIIed someone with fire
i wasnt pa7ing attemtion whiIe watching 7ugioh but i dont think i missed much
steIIa is weird and i think shes mentaI
she meets a nice man maned mitch
he reminds me o me since he tr7s to keep in shape and asks peopIe to guess his weight
i hope he does weII
he wants to marr7 steIIa
no wait
its bIance
bIanch is the main character
he wants to marr7 bIance but and she teIIs him her stor7 of her bf eating his gun after she caIIed him weak
mitch feeIs for her and wants to be his her wifefriend
stanI7 steIIa hisband who is a poIe finds out and cu stanI7 is in the work mitch is he finds out bIance is I7ing about something
he outs her and mivch ditches her
stanI7 bumraeps her or something then it cuts to stanmI7 having a kid
around an hour after 7ugioh abridged i got the runs and had to watch frothe toiIet
after stanI7 b0nes her she goes neuts and she gets taken awa7 or put to sIeepor whatever the7 did to craz7 poeopIe in the 1600s
mitch feeId bad for her abd thtS Now the movie ends
oh and stanI7s wife steIIa has a bab7 who might be craz7 in theasqeaI
i hope streetcar named desire 1 i mean 2 is a horror movie where bIanche possesses steIIas kid and goes around eating peopIe with saving stanI7 for Iast but eats a piece of him ever7 20 mins of fuiIm
aIse i think bIanche might be a girI-maIeprostioute
hats gross
she might get aids
now stanI7 has aids
the end

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