Thursday, February 4, 2016

Psycho Review

note; my keyboard is kinda awful so expect typoes
this is my review on the 60s psycho
it starts with a blonde in bed with a buff guy
I assume they just b0ned
this is getting 18+
this is how bridesmaids started
that movie was awful
I only laughted 2x

she says this is the last time
she wants to have a respectable relationship with him despite b0ning him casually many times b4
the guy has many debts
and an ex wife
and she wants to marry him
she returns to her office and her boss's daughter is getting married at 18
hes buying her a 40 000 doller house
in cash
hats not her boss
its a guy her boss is doing things for
not THOSE kind of things!
while the men drink, the blonde is given the cash to put in the bank
the blonde is shown in a lacey bra often
several bras over the film
what next? a shower scene?
she takes the money instead of getting it to the bank
while driving she sees her boss and vice versea
and has some kind of fear
apparently she spent the night sleeping in her car like jerry in tat ep of seinlfed
a cop checks on her and he looks bada55
shes jumpy and skittish
if this were today, she'd be checked for drugs
he checks her licsence and her plate and she drives off
I think she feels guilty for b0ning that guy
the cop is following her and sh bys a newspaper
just check the yugioh wiki to see wha the news is
a quick talking car salesman sells her a car by trading in her old one and 700 dollers
I'd buy that for a doller!!
she takes 7 100 bills out of the money and she is in a suspicious hurry to get the car
she drives off and hears the conversations of people talking about her from other cities
I think shes pychic
like the x men
she stops in at a motel cuz its raining
a sorta gayish guy runs the motel
he looks like mr rogers
when showing her around her room, he seems kinda nervous about the bathroom
he wont even say it
I think he has a poop fetish
and is in denial of it
he invites her for dinner but at his house on the hll he argues with his mom
she sounds horrible
like one of those nasty old hags
I hope someone skins her and makes her eat it
so the gayish guy and the blonde have sandwitches and milk in his bird room
he stuffs birds and mounts them
what is it with Hitchcock and birds?
I think he has a bird fetish
the gayish guy seems to have a principle skinner thing with his mother
he talks about being trapped
his mom is sort of the one hes enslaved to
like the brits to their regent
his moms butt buddies died so now all she has is him
he says; a son is a poor substitute for a lover
I tink hes b0ning her'
or shes b0ing him
the blonde suggests placing his mom in a home but he takes issue with it
she goes to take a shower but he peeks on her through a wall hole
this is getting 18+
he goes back to his home and she needs to write out a math problem for taking 700 off of 40 000
if she could play yugioh shed get beter aT MATHS
then she takes a shower but we don't see her big nipples
hen the mom comes in and shanks her a buncha times
but no nudity was shown
it gt close thouygh
if this were remade we'd see everything
that'll give you visual aids
later the gayishguy runs over but finds her
he cleans up and dumps her, her car and her things in a lake
and the money is in a newspaper so he don't know itrs there when he dumps it
later the blonde's sister goes to rhe buff guys place and sez shes missing
they a private eye comes in and explains she took 40 000 bones
he searches the town 1 motel at a time
he eventually gets to to the gayish guys motel
he says no ones been at the motel for weeks
but after the p I finds her handwriting in the guest book, he claims hes lost track of time
or maybe its been a few weeks and didn't say; 3 weeks later
then he sez she as there and spend only 1 night and left in the AM
the p I suspects him of something but wants to talk to the mom
but the gayish guy refuses
I love this b/w style
the light and shadows mesh well
looks classy
the p I slips into the house but gets shanked by the mom
later the sister and buff guy go to the place with the sherrif
the sherrif reveals the gay guys mom was dead for years
she killed her butt buddy and herself with poison
and norman caught them dead in bed
the gayish guy argues with his mom about him hiding her in the fruit celler
a closet reference
the sister and buff guy go to the motel and check in
they search and finbd the paper with 700 off of 40 000
the girl goes into the hose as the guy chats with the gay guy
the buff guy hassles the gayish guy until he snaps, knocks out the buff guy with a sneak attac, and returns to the house
the sister goes into e celler
she finds the mom but the moms a shriveled corpse
then the gayish guy runs in dressed as a woman and the buff guy restrains him
this is turning into monty python
later a shrink explains that the gaish guys mind is f'd up and he thinks hes his mom and has a split mind
he killed the mom and her butt buddy as he felt she was leaving him for the butt buddy
and now he began talking with her corpse and it became its own personality and his mom side killed people to stop him from leaving her as she left him
this is kinda like in yugioh how yugi turns dark yugi and ills people
it ends with normans mom mind saying she pinned it all on him and is going to wait and let them think shes harmless
the end
for psycho 2 I'd like it to be set in a nuthouse with all these cannibals and preverts preying on the weak and b0ning him and trying to eat him and he gets revenge on them in creative and really gruesome ways like in yugioh season 0 before the card games. also he finds out his mother persona is really a daemon that's pretending to be his mom and he gains black POwers.

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