Thursday, February 4, 2016

White Christmas Review

note; my keyboard is awful so expect some typeos
white Christmas
this is my review on white Christmas
I have never seen tis movie b4
I just know I saw the phrase
white Christmas
on a hat or shirt on a klan merchindice store online
and bin Crosby is in it
I hear his kids claimed he beat em
nowadays we cant even tell our kids no
and kids are going to prison like  in beyond scared straight
some kids just need a beating
don't want them to turn into kanye west
he probably wont make it to 40
and all the many people who hate him
I got spanked as a kid
it set me right
maybe if I got beat I'd have become a producticve member of socirety
and maybe not a slob
maybe oined the millitary
get dicipline
instead of drinking pop and sleeping til 4pm and staying up all night
but then I wouldn't have gotten 140+ sega games
so im good with this
the film starts with some dudes entertaining army men for xmas
bing sings white christmas
he talks about giving honor to the general who's moving on
but a guy comes in and hes a harda55
I think hes the general
they sing him off
how patriotic
I didn't know this was a war film
right as the general leaves, the war starts up
and bing is saved by his homie; davis
davis wants to be a duet with bing but he sez no
but after the waR THEY team up
and become a hit
as seen in a montage
davis has tried to get bing a gf
but he isn't interested
I hope hes not turning queer
some of their dialogue is a bit suspect
theyre undressing together too
if this were made today, he'd be butt budies withdavis
bing sez hes looking for the right girl
sure enough, hes gonna look at a sister act of a really ugly army buddy
the girls are not ugly
I wasn't paying attention for a while since I was reading a wiki article of la blue girl
and a tv tropes page
whwn I looked back I see bing and davis lip singing in dresses and make up about being sisters with the girls voices
thia movie is getting suspect
I thought it was about war and xmas
its got war and crossdressing so its sorta robotech
they escape from there as I assume its against the law to be queer and the sheriff is after em
they catch a train but they don't have TICKEts
bing boasts about beating the black off the broads if they took their room but the girls come in saying "thnx for letting us have ur room"
davis gave em their room on the train
they go to Vermont(named after Vermont ave from monop;oly_) and meet the general from b4
they prepare to put on a show
after the show, bing sings in his nice voice to the girl
the general plans to return to the service to be a trainer
but hes rejected
hes probably gonna go eat his gun
ten a show of some large butted women doing a weird interperative dance
davis is in it
I guess hes queer too
wtf is this?!
freekin beatniks gave em drugs!
im not really paying attention most of the time to this
theres some problwm or somwthing with the girls and bing
oh and the  bing is gonna have a military thing for the general
the girl is gonna leave but bing notices her
shes going to new York
now known as new Sodom for its violence and crime and drugs
u ever see; escape from new York?
I didnt
but I saw mad bull 34
p|mps and drugs and crooked cops and gangs
wasn't there some cannibalism there a bit back?
like some dude did drugs and ate a homeless guy?
its gonna be detriot soon
so davis and the sister set up bing and the girl to wed and b0ne
but it went wrong
he goes to new Sodom and gets the girl
at  the generals home the davis gets is leg crippled
they do a dong like the opening song for the general
he tells em off aand points out their flaws but ends with him saying he loves it
then bing ND DAvis sing about how good the army is
and the girls join in
then it snows and they sing white christmas
for white Christmas 2 I'd like it to be a crossover with Robotech and it being set during one of the wars with the aliens. maybe the masters arc or hem having their 1st xmas after the coming of the invid. or maybe in the sentinels with them bringing xmas to the aliens of the local group and minmei singing white Christmas.

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