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Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Review

note; my keryonbe is bad so theres typoes
cat on a hot tin roof
this is my review for cat on a hot tin roof
with a title like that, I assume its set in one of those countries that eats cats
but in some 3rd world countries, cows are their devil-gods
so us eating a double bacon cheese burger is bad in their minds
its set in missisipi
tennesse Williams sure did love the confederacy
it atarts with a guy in a suit trying to recreate his high scool glory days by running aROUNd at night and jumping hurdles
then its the next day and this confederate kid digs her hands into a thing of icecream
Elizabeth taylor makes a stink of it
I thought parents beat thei kids in the south
that's why the kids are so well behaived
better than most kids nowadays swearing and b0ning
on maury they got these daemon kids stealing and acting tough
they need a good beating
so later Elizabeth whines at the guy who was reliving his glory days b4 and hes drinking
h got crippled in the beginning of the film jumping over a thing
she talks about guys finding her hot and the crippled guy thinks its gross
they keep talking and its not very interesting
the tv listing channel rated this film 4 stars
they onl gave Edward scissorhands a 3 stars
so far this film isn't as good as Edward scissorhafs
Elizabeth and the cripple whine to eachother about her not being as good a woman as she was b4
apparently she was arrested or something
she says she feels like a cat on a hot tin roof
in the 90s x men, rogue said shes "nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs"
these confederates have offbeat phrases
later some people come by in a private plane
its elizebh tailors rents
a lot of kids have confederate flags
its her dads b day
apparently the crippled guy is married to Elizabeth tailor but he don't wanna b0n her
the crippled guy thought her dad was dying but hes just fine
a lot of confederates live long
elizabth tailo undrsses infront of him and she tries to seduce him
if I know tennesse williMS, hes queer
most of t w's work involves gayness, mental illness and being emo
ust like neon genesis evangelion
that show was so emo
I miss when anime was cool and fun
like saint seiya or m d geist
now its all fanservice and yaoi
after more whining, crippled guy goes to another room from elizabieyh tailor
then sh talks to hher mom about his drinking
then she gets all whiny
then a dr comes up to check his crippled leg
turns out the dad isn't gonna last long
then the fam eats dinnerand the dad is shown to be well loved and respected by the county
hes done much good for it
were thi film made TODAY, he'd be seen as the bad guy or it would corrupt his achievements with a communist slant
the crippled guy wants to leave but elizaniebth taulor tries to stop him
he reveals to her that their dad wont last long
and their other relatives are planning on keeping them out of the inheritance
and elizenth tailor was a poor in her past(and whines about it for a while)
she threatens to out his secret about his dead homie skipper and he threatens to kill her with a crutch
then the ice cream girl busts in and fires off a capgun
elizabet taoolr makes a comment about good breeding
I assume she means inbreeding
she whines at the kid playing
he kid snaps back saying shes just mad shes infertile
the kid leaves and Elizabeth taulot says she went to a crotch dr and he said shes about to breed
the crippled guy says he cant breed with her as he cant stand her
after some awkward encounters with the fam, they bring in the cake and the kids sing
then the dad wants to talk with the crippled guy

but people keep talkin
dad talks to the crippled guy about the crippling
the mom keeps buttin in with the cake
he tells her off about letting her lead things cuz he thought he wouldn't last
he talks with his crippled son and its been mentioned he has a spastic colon
seems more like something from an adaM Sandler movie
maybe joel shumacher
he mentions hes still into women and wants to have a woman on the side
the crippled son tries to ditch the dad when nhes trying to get him away fromalcoholism
so th dad pushes him down
that crippled son needs help and hes fighting the only one who wants to help
I hope he beats his son strAIGHT
he needs to get off his addisction
the dad reveals he has no will and wont make one now thinking hes gonna live
also he don't wanna give him crippled son land if the sons just gonna be a drunk/
the crippled son started drinking after skipper bought it
then a thndestorm breaks out
the son goes on a tirade about the dad not looking up to anyone and the dad tries to show him skipper wasn't an hero for playing football
then Elizabeth tailor comes in and the crippled son wants her to out his secret
she reveals he took her on her honeymoon with a football game in a mens locker room
I assume they all b0ned her but him
all these tennese Williams films are about malcontent families
then its revealed she b0ned skipper and he was drunk
and that skipper was useless at football without the crippled guy
she says skipper was drunk and mental and she tried to help him get a real job
then she b0ned him to make him hate skipper
why would he hate skipper if skipper was seduced by his wife?
was skipper b0ning the crippled guy?
holy brokeback mountain batman!
its revealed skipper saw the crippled guy 1 time before he was dead
the crippled guy wanted to drive but the dad stopped him for being drunk
crippled guy reveals skipped said his wife b0ned him
then died
he was scared of something and crying and asking for help and other things
so crippled guy hung up on him and skipper called a buncha times and suicide when he didn't get a reply
they argue for a bit and he reveals the guy is dying(I think)
dad is shocked and goes inside and the son goes to drive off but gets stuck in the mud
he seems glad he hurt his dad
that scum
the dr gives the dad morphien
1 guy tries to reveal about the dad to the fam
the mom denies it but gradually realizes it
elizabth tailor reveales she lost someone and its her motivation for wanted to get the rippled guy to reconcile with his dad
the dr reveals the truth
the mom breaks down and wants to see her crippled son
the dr leaves even though its storming
the mom whines about the fam not being happy
the other kids of the dad are ugly
I thought confederates were supposed to be attractive
the other kids complain about the crippled guy being a drunk and him being irresponsible
the other daughter is harsh about it but her husband is more sane and positive
if this were made today, the guy would be shown as the bad guy and the female would be shown as the sane reasonable one
the crippled son goes to the basement to see his dad but the dad's suffering
the dad talks about all the stuff his woman bought over the years in Europe and about his crippled son acts like his dad didn't lov him
I wouldn't want my kid to be a drunk
then the crippled guy starts busting up all the items in the celler
then he starts crying
I think he was molested as a kid
he whines about how he nvr wanted anything from his dad but wanted the dad to love him
sounds like hes mentally unbalanced as his dad seems to care about him quite a great deal
the crippled son blames his dad for him turning into a loser
if this were moderndays he's be one of those NEETs who stays inside all day and goes on anime p0rn0 sites looking up his favorite hermaphrodites
the dad tells about his hard work and how much he had to do to get where he is
the son wants the dad to take morphein btu the dad wants to keep his wits about him
he dad comes up and its revealed that Elizabeth tailor is preggo with the crippled guy's kid
the sister says that she never heard the Elizabeth tailor and her crippled guy b-0ning as theyre next to her room and she isn't peggo
the crippled guy and elizabht taileor go upstars and b-0ne to make a kid
the end
for cat on a hot tin roof 2 I'd like for the crippled guy to be malcontent with being still crippled after healing and he is also tired of raising his son who is also crippled. so he decides to go to heck to bring back his butt buddy skipper. but it opens a portal and daemons come out and start b0ning everyone. so the dad comes down from haven with a squad of angels in giant robots and theres an epic daemon war(with skipper being on the daemons side and he seduced the crippled guy to his side by fusing with him and healing his crippled leg). so the Dad and the crippled guy's son tam up in angel mechs and fight the daemons in an epic wa that spans 2 more films.

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