Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rashomon Review

note; my keyboards bad so theres typpoes
this is my review of rashomon
after I saw it for the 1st time I told my Singapore friend Charlie and he was surprised and impressed
I like historical films and its even in fullscreen
no candya55 black bars
no tops of heads cropped off
the film starts in a busted up building during a storm
I assuime some yokai or oni damaged it in an attack
some dudes ae in whats left of the building and a 3rd guy shows up
I like the rain
playing in to during athunderstorm is fun
its like a rock consert of the heavens
the dudes talk of hearing a weird story
one Buddhist priest sez a bunch of things he saw like arthquakes or winds and claims this story is worse
he claims it makes him lose faith in the human soul
is this  horror movie??
and as I write this it tarts raining right after the scene changes from the storm to the flashback
once I was watching the 70s carrie and right when her mom bought it, the cloiuds outside parted
I find myself noticing a few Japanese words I know as I picked up a lot playing yugioh and watching anime
so this guy finds a body with its arms frozen in the air and in a twisted grip
then the Buddhist priest says he saw the dead guy an a woman b4 the hit
anther guy says he saw thisbandit ith the dead guys stuff
the bandit is brash and impolite
hes also dressed like a wasteland warrior
he ten tells his story

he was resting by a tree and the dead guy came by
the bandit didn't care but he liked the woman (noticing her feet first(FOOT FETISH!))
he then tries to take the woman(like in a wasteland warrior thing) but plays it safe and pretends to be into selling the dead guy a sword
he brings him  to a place he claims t have many words but b0nes him dead or something(its offscreen so I can only guess)
then e goes after the girl and tells her the guy is sick
maybe its aids from being b0ned dead
turns out hes not dead buy tied up
se tries to run and fight back but he bumraeps her
then she says that either the bandit or her husband mist die out of her being shamed and she will go with the winner
then theres a death match. guess who wins
the woman runs away but shows up later for the trial of the bandit
1 guy says men are weak and lie
yeah like chicks never lie
then the woman tells her story and makes him sound like some monster
she makes no mention of her fighting the bandit
also she says the dead guy gave her a mean look and it mad her go mental
she asks him to kill her rather than be looked at
she freaks out and b0ned him dead with a knife offscreen but claims she fainted an when she woke up he was dead
she claims she tried but faied to suicide
then we hear the dead guys story
but since hes dead, its told by a necromancer and she calls his soul back from h-ll and gets possessed by him
he says the woman wanted to go with the bandit and ditch him
sorta like when kim kardashian b0ned that big black guy and got pregnant with that illegitimate kid then dumped her real husband of 2.5 months
she then tells the banditto kill her husband and  he throws her down
the bandit asks the husband if he wants him to kill the woman
the woman runs away and the bandit b0nes her for a few hours offscreen
he returns and cuts the dead guy free
he then suicides
btw the necromancer scenes are pretty freaky
didn't know Japanese courts allowed black magic
one dude telling the story of the trial points out there was no dagger and he was killed by the sword
hold his ghost in contempt of court
end him to the hole
the h-ll hole!
then the guy telling the story of the trial tells his story about viewing of the evennt
the woman was begging the bandit for forgiveness
the bandit wanted her as his wife
and bribes her with his stash of loot
then says if she says no, he'd ice her
she cuts the ead guy free and ants a deathmatch
but the dead guy wont throw his life away for this woman and tells her to suicide
and he'd rather lose her over the horse
does this mean hes gonna b0ne the horse?
not that theres anything wrong with that
the bandit also turns her down, yet sticks up for her when the husband calls her out
she goes on a tirade and says they aint real men
she anted him to "save" her from a husband theres nothing wrong with
the men then have a not very skilled or awesome(yet rather realistic) death match
this is like that law and order ep where that teen killed the other teen over a woman but she was to blame
after the bandit kills the dead guy, the woman dont ant him anymore
the Buddhist monk says he wants the world to be good but this has shaken his faith
then they hear a baby crying and 1 guy takes the kimono the kid was wearing
after somme dialogue on things being right or wrong and selfish or evil being acceptable or not and everyone being good or evil, its revealed the guy who told the story stole the daggar the woman fought with and left
the guy who stole the kimono from a baby goes off into the storm despite being in the temple to avoid it
later the storm stops and the dude says hes got 6 kids and 1 more wont make a difference
the Buddhist monk regains his faith in humanity and gives him the baby
For Rashomon 2 I'd like the baby to have grown up into a Monk who goes from town to town fighting Oni and Yokai. then he coms to the area where the fight with the 3 people in Rashomon 1 happened and is pulled into a Yokai Oni world and has to fight his way out with the final Yokai being his parents who abandoned him and were revealed to be Yokai who left him in the human realm and used ghe plalce that affected the day his father adopted him as a destiny portal to being him back.

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