Thursday, February 4, 2016

Message In A Bottle Review

note; my keyboard is kinda cr-ppy and often doesn't have keys working. so if im missing a few letter then its not my fault. also the keys are placed in a bad setting so I foten screw up.
message in a bottle
this is my review for message in a bottle
its a 90s film
set in obviously the 90s as of the fashons. the hairsty;es and the presence of mail letters of paper and 90s computers
I miss the 90s
they was rad 2 da max
blackasaur megaphone homie
in this moie some 90s chick was jogging and found a bottle by the ocean
its got a letter to some chick
she shares it at the office and her boss publishes it
lates they get paper mail letters
and eventually they track down the guy who sent tge bottle letter
by 15 mins in it seems like a gender swapped version of desperately seeking susan
theres newspapers too
I haven't read a newspaper in years
I mainly read the comics in the 90s
calvin and hibbes was grande
so the chick finds kevin scotern from filed of dreams in a boating place
gradually they fall in love
uerns out he wrote the letter and his woman died years ago of som e diesage
I bet it was aids
as in the 90s many people got it from being in the 80s
kein costenre and his woman were gonna make boats but she died b4 it
hhe also beats people up sometimes
he should've punched clean through a guys head and tore it off and smashed it on the wall like a mellon
his woamns fam wants the painting she left with keniv Costner
kinda like in Robotech when the aliens wanted the spade fortress back from earth for its protoculture
a lot of this film is just people walking around with musoic plauyng
the chick sz shes not married but has a kid
it made me think; what if she wasn't allowed to be married to her man?
cuz they were RELATED!!
I gotta lay off the springer lol
so she has to go back soon to be with her inbred kid so her time with kenic costlenr is limited
like in dbz where Goku has 1 day to dsaty on earth to fight in the toruncamet
theres a really mild sad movment where she moves some itenms and he gets mildly unhappy
I hate how every movie has a tacked on sad moment
even comedys and horrors
around  70 mins in, my plus sized gf called and I wated the movie mute with closed caprionings
I sorta thoguth this movie was about a family that had a kid lost at sea and they go him back and stuff
I must've been thinking of something else
like how in the 90s I got the craft and the crow mixed up
so the chick returens to her city life in Chicago b4 the gangs took over and made it a cesspoole of crime violence and evil.
kevin costiner returns to working on his boats
and they live their own lives for a while
but then kenvin costisnct calls her and they have him go to her country and live ith her lifestyle for a while
keniv Costner ans he chihk have a weird love scene with tim burtony blue light
it goes on in slow mom for a while
like in the room
but with less enjoyable musik
she takes a shower after b0ning envin socosrer cuz hes got aids or something
while sheas dropping the sope kevin Costner finds she was te one who found her letter
he reads the paper by candle light(freekin IDIOT1! GOSH!!) and they have a downbeat moment where they fall apart
this movie is just like the bodygard
they walk around in da rain
then they find out that he only sent 2 letters and she found 3
and the 3rd was from his woman
and h neer saw it
until now
they go back to their own homes and kevin costneres gives his womans painting s to her fam
later the chick quits her job aND KEVincostner finisheded his new boat
she goes to keniv costeners town in time to see him bust a bottle on his boat
I tink thars a boats way of being unvingined
they reunite and he lets her go but after kevin costerereecd dad talx to him he goes home and finds a compass from her
he ypewriters a mssage
goes out to sea
and its a storm and he saves a family
but gets swept out to sea and is missing
on his boat they find a letter and its about him going on to live with the new girl
I think if they make message in a bottle 2
it should have him and the woman he tried to save living on an island with dinosaurs and cannibals and fighting to survive with natural biotech
like plants and animals that can be equipped and made into armor and weapons

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