Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Wasp Woman Review

note; my keybords bad and I don't car enough to do it right. theres typoes
the wasp wman
this is my review on the wasp woman
I hate wasps
partly cuz I like spiders
but I hasn't been stung by  a wasp
2 good thing right off the bat
fullscreen and roger corman
it starts with a chick in a board meeting being kinda malcontent over her companys sales going down
1 man explains to her that the reason sales were going down cuz woman stopped buying them cuz they stopped using her picture on it
later she talks to a guy about royal jelly and makig it stronger to make her younger
the guy shes talking to says that queen wasps eat their boyfriends after b0ning them
like that guy in Germany who asked people to come over to eat them, then got a response
the a European guy comes in with a mracle cure for her looks
he shows her ratty looking rodents and injects 1 and it turns better looking ad younger
this is turning into the clayface ep of batman
I notice the animals were gunea pigs b4 and became rats
after some talk they agree to work together
she makes him test his youth thing on her
just like those chix who go to the 3rd world to get cheap surgery
after a montage with whats obviously bees, the 1 guy from b4 suspects the european guy of not being right
after more suspect the European guy, he shows the chick a cat that's now a kitten
then e gives her the needle
but its not at all disturning like most needle shots in films
later she isn't getting the results she wants so she wants a higher dosage
the dr (the euripoen guy)wants to use the thing in regular cosmetics
hes usng wasp enzymes to reverse aging
my grampa used wasp stings to help his arthritis
he was tough
like the castleviana guys
and the contra guys
later that night the chick sneaks into the lab and uses the concentrated enzyme on herself
the net day shes looking younger
then theres a board meeting and she plans a return to the top of the market with a new campaign
se looks 22 but that was 18 years ago
shes only 40 and looks average?
if she were polish she'd look younger
we poles age slow
then the cat the dr turned into a kitten has turned back aND is violent
so he kills it
he ota make some Chinese chicken wings outta it (if u know wat I mean)(and  don't mean b0ning it)
then a guy who was suspect of the dr sneaks around his lab
but the chick comes looking for him
they don't meet
then the dr is killed off screen by someone
the chick needs to find him
after some talking and discussion, its revealed he was hit by a car
hes brain damaged and in a coma
after a few days, she puts another guy I charge of he lab
but is still taking the enzyme unsupervised
the new dr breaks in to the llab later to analyze the stuff but is killed by a giant humanoid bug
thhen the chick puts away the enzymes
later she talks about releasing her new campaign but shes got headches
I got a headache too
its a sign
later the dr is brought up to a room in the office
also hes ut of the coma but still brain dammaged
the 1 guy from b4 noices the chick being younger and is hetero for her
later a night watchman is killed ooffscreen
later the 1guy finds the dr's notebook from the new drs desk
th chick begs the dr fo more enzyme but then transforns into a bug gurl
these 50s films tend to wrap up fast so I expect its gonna end soon
after she eats the nurse the 1 guy and his woman who was with him the whole time but I never mentioned talk to the brain damaged dr
he sez she shouldn't have any more injections
they call her and talk
then the 1 guys gf goes to get the cops but really goes to see the chick
the dr tells the 1 guy bot the chick being a wasp woman and the gf is gonna get eaten
then the chick turns and goes after the gf
the 1 guy and dr go after her
he fights the chick to cool jazzy  music
the dr throws acid on her and dies
then she dies
im not sure if the gf is alive'
the end
For The Wasp Woman 2 I'd like the dr to have survived and his brain damage and being b0ned by the wasp woman got him pregnant and hes full of wasp woman babies that eat out of him and then start eating people in a swarm of midget sized bug men who want to become human so they eat humans thinking it will give them souls

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