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Much Ado About Nothing Review

note; my typing ios cr-oppuy
much ado about nothing
this is my revierw on much ado about nothing
its got shakespere
his movies make me make sodony jokes
its got Michael Keaton and Keanu reeves
batman aNd ted thedore logan
it starts with some anti man poem
then we get some guy painting with a buncha chix and dudes outside
more poems
turns out its a chick reading the poems
then the painrter gets a lette saying don pedro is coming
and he ants to marry a chick named clawdia
they then talk about him
I think clawdia is a dude
im having trouble following this
its all in that clockwork orange/Castlevania talk
then a buncha guys arrive on horseback and the opening credits roll
also everyone is getting their clothes changed
the horsemen also get nude
then everyones bathing
we see dudes butts
at least no ones b0ning
the hortsemen and the others meet and talk
theyre all friernds
kennith branna and this blonde chick bicker
that means theyre gonna fall in love
they keep trash talkin
but not as cool as in wwf
or dbz
denzel Washington sez they'll stay for a 1 month at least
the music and his tone seem to make Keanu look like the bad guy
his best role was in bill/ted
everything else is him being angry or evil
we miss cheerful Keanu
kennith branna talks with this fruity guy who claims to like chix about the guys love for this chick
maybe he's just mushy
everyones kinda prissy in here
esp kennith branna
I miss 80s dudes who were buff and tough and manly
like hulk Hogan or iron shiek
they talk with denzel for a whuile and kennith is really high strung
oh the fruity mushy guy is clawdia
maybe clawdio
he talks with denzel all mushy romance stuff
in Robotech the romance was less exaggerated
we're only 20 mins in
later Keanu gets a massage and talks with the guy massaging him
im having trouble following what hes talking about but it seems evil
I think he don't like some guy
I think hes a slave to someone
then this masked guy comes in and says someones getting married
I don't think Keanu's that bad in here
acting wise
also he plays the part well but his character isn't that evil
even no heart from care bears was more bad a55
that night theres some party and the blonde chick complains about something
she seems like one of those 90s chicks like on friends or sailor moon
the guys and dames are talking and laughing
I assuime theyre b0ning in the real version
they also wear creepy masks
the blonde complains to this guy in an awful mask
then they dance
clawdia sees a guy talking with a gurl
oh itys denzel
then Keanu and friends tell him denzel wants to marry her
clawdiio goes mental and talks to himself for a bit
kennith branna talks to him and is very prissy
then talks to himself
kennith talks to denzel and complains about what the blonde said
he bashes her breath and sez its infectous
I assume he means shes got mouth aids
he goes on for a while and leaves
this is like the room with its over acting and weird dialogue
then caldio and denzenl an ther painter and the girl talk and I think they fix things as calwdio gets back with his gf
then they kiss
I just thought it would be funny is they made out with their butts
I loled
settle down beavis!
this movie is just talking and music
is someone gonna have a sword fight?
most of what I saw of shakespere s-cked
no wonder people say he wouldn't have made it in hollywood
so the blonde don't want a husband
and denzel wants to have these 2 people cedrik and Beatrice to fall in love
I don't know who they are
Keanu hears this and dramatic music plays
the next day kennith branna talks to himself for a while
ai deed naht heet haa! ai deet nahhht! oh hai mark!
also kennith branna struggles with a folding chair
they had those in the 1600s?
ah aids!
this movie goes on for another hour!
as kennith is on the other side of a hedge, denzel and friends talk loudly about Beatrice loving cedrik(I know its not his real name but I forgot it)
wait, I think its kennith branna
wait, its bennidict
kennith branna yells when they bash him but hides and makes bird noises to cover it
this is like seinfeld
but not as good
maybe saved by the bell
kennith branna goes on a long wordy monologue and is happy
the blonde comes and kennith branna poses cross leged by a fountain in a kinda fruity way
they talk for a bit and she leaves
he over analyzes her words
then clawdios gf and a geezer chick talk loudly while the blonde is behind them
they take a few steps and celebrate having"got her"
this is like a bad episode of sailor moon
but not as bad as the remake sailor moon
the blonde is happy and so is kennith branna (who plays in a fountain)
that night Michael Keaston come in and has some dudes who dance with him
hes a bit out there
like in beetlejiuce
hes kinda grimey and greasy
hes such a good actor
better than that brit who played that crippled nerd who STOLE the Oscar from him
also the guys lol at kennith branna putting on a scarf fruitily
then Keanu comex in and talks to denzel and clawdio
they then walk in on some hairy guy b0ning a girl
calwdio thinksits his gf
Im not sure if it is or not
later the hairy guy chats with a guy about keanus plan and gets captured by keatons men
the next day Keaton talks to the painter about catchng "suspicious persons)
but the painter sends em off
then its a wedding of clawdio's gf and him
they go in front of the priest and everyone and hes malcontent
he throws her back at her dad and storms out complaining
he keeps b--ching about something in his 1600s castleviana talk
he outs her b0ning the guy last night
denzel backs him up
her dad then attacks her
this is like that Seinfeld ep where sue ellen miskie's fiancée b0ned elaine
the gf denies this
the priest offers some advice
then kennith branna and the blonde talk in the church
they admit being In love and make out with tounges
the blonde then wants the kennit branna to kill clawdio
he sez no and they go mental
she wants to kill the clawdio for ditching the dame he thought b0ned someone else
kennith branna sez he's gonna "challenge him"
I assume it means a b0ning contest
later the Michael Keaton has the captured guys chained up and he interrogates em
they reveal the hairy guy got paid to ruin this chick with lies
the guy recording the info sez someone died
the non hairy guy loudly calls Michal Keaton an "A55" and Keaton jokes about it
later the denzel talks with the painter saying his accusations are true
then the kennith branna comes in and grabs the clawdio by the face/holds him to the wall
he then challenges the clawdio to a duel
hope its a good yugioh game
but since everyones fruity theuy'd use performapals
also its revealed Keanu skipped town
then Michael Keaton come in with his captured guys and reveals the whole thing was a sham
the clawdio goes emo
they keep saying the girl is killed
did she seppuku?
or did her dad beat her dead?
I didn't see her biting it
I guess its too gory to show
the clawdio sez hes sorry and the dad forgives him
I thought this was a comedy
its kinda dark and disturbed
despite the lighting being cheerful
Michael Keaton sez that the guy calling him an A55 should be remembered in the punishment
hes obsessed with a55
maybe hes butt seksuul
like that rapper
that night it has these guys with torches walking to some temple
seems like some kind of black ritual
they post a note on a door that I cant really read
the clawdio sez a speech
the next day kennith branna and the blonde talk
later he asks for the priest to marry him to the blonde but is uneasy about it
then theres a wedding for clawdio
im not sure who he's marrying though
her face is covered and he cant find her identity until he promices to marry her
he does then its revealed its his gf
her being dead was a trick./metaphor
they marry
then the kennith and blond chat over if they love eachother and reveal their homies set em up
the clawdio and gf reveal poems the blonde and kennith branna wrote for eachother
they agree to marry begrudgingly
oh and Keanu got caught
theyre gonna b0ne him dead
for much ado about nothing 2 I'd like the son of clawdio and the daughter of kennith branna to be falling in love but theres a war going on where England is attacking whatever country the 1st movie took place in. also Keanu reeves is back as a cripple from being b0ned a lot in prison and fighting for England as its new strategist cuz of his manipulating skill..

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