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Breakfast At Tiffany's Review

note; im still getting used to my plug in keyboard so theres tyoporsd
breakfasrt at tiffasnys
this is m8y review of breakfast at tiffamnys
it starts with some mellow mild music while some chick in shades walks through some empty street
I assume theres a plague and shes the one survivor
until the corrupted revive
it then says its directed by a guy called blake Edwards
I assume hes some relative to the Robotech col. t r Edwards
then some Asian guy stumbles around his place after being waken up by a door bell
this is in an apartment the chick forgot her key and he had to let him in
he seems like a sourpuss over being woken up
I hope he doesn't get disgruntled and shoots up his building
also the chick has a guy with her who I assume she hasn't b0ned yet cuz hes still wanting something from her
oh wait, he wants money
so hes the h00ker
turns out he paid for dinner for her di\nner and her frineds
it was 50\$ in 60s money
they should've went to mcdonalds
they have good prices and are non union
I think both things are linked
the next day some guy rings her bell and wakes her up and he forgot his key or something
they talk about her cat for the nextwhile
in the sequel shes gonna become a crazy cat lady and live in a filthy feces filled hoarder h-ll hole with dead cats everywhere
then they talk about a store called tiffanys
when she finds out its Thursday she freaks out and starts grooming
after more talking about prison its revealed she is gonna visit some gangsta there who she wants to b0ne for his money
they talk fast in here and most of it isn't important
this is like Moulin rouge
its revealed some lawyer is paying her 100 $ per week to visit this gangster in prison
I assume to b0ne
they go out and as a cab stops the guys wife comes in I mean out
seeing the man is married she seems to stop wanting to b0ne him
she takes the cab and leaves
later that night she goer up the fire escape to escape some guy trying to b0ne her and spys on the guy in his bed
his wife goes off and she comes in to talk with him
hes a writer and his books s-ck
she reveals rthe guy reminds her of her bro
hes in the service and she needs cash to get them to mexico to raise horses
I assume horses is slang for drugs
or wh-res
se lays in bed with him but don't b0ne
oh and this is in new York
no wonder eveyones b0ning
the next day this ginger woman calls the guy about something
later theres this mad men style thing with guys in suits drinking
some new Yorker tells the guy about him beating the cool accent out of a redneck girl
that's like dyeing a peacocks feathers black
oh its the chick throweing the party
then some flashy gurl comes in with some guys and she recognizes a gay looking one as the 5th richest guy in america
the Asian guy calls the cops on them but the chick gets em away
later the chick talks with some guy about her man issues
also it turns out shes passing info for criminals to the gangstar by using weather codes
later the ginger woman(who I think is also his above mentioned wife) says she thinks someiones spying on them
later the guy meets a texas guy and he is revealed to be the chiocks husband with 4 kids sjhe looks after and they married when she was 14
they have a horse ranch together but im not sure if they said why she left cuz I was playing pokemon
later she wants to leave him cuz she says the marriage was annulled ages ago
they go to a bus stop and she tells him she wants to leave him and blames him for "loving things that are too wild to be kept"
he trys to talk sense into her but she wont listen
then he lets her go
he goes off heartbroken and she says shes not (the name he calls her)(I cant remember it)
after he leaves she says she still is that name
then they go drinking
thery wint up in a str-p club but thankfully we don't see the gross areas
this isn't la blue girl
the chick seems to be interested in the str-ppers
and have a sense of superiority over them cuz shes b0ning that gangsta
she keeps talking about this thing called the "powder room"
I assume its where they do cocainum
then they go home and shes drunk
I assume they did blow and b0ned some people in the str-p club
if this were made today, it would end up on youtube
then she;d become as famous as kim kardashian
in her place she sits in the sink and says some mean things to him
so he tells her a less mean thing and she acts like he's the bad guy
I hate those kind of people
they say awful things against you and you to less to them and they throw a sissy fit
if you cant take a punch, dont throw a punch!
the next day he comes over and says something about a newspaper
I guess people saw them b0ning and doing drugs
they then go to the tiffanys store
ive never been there but it seems to be a item shop
they want diamonds but she only has 10$
the only thing they have for that much is a silver telephone dialer
maybe if this was the slavery days that 10$ would be worth enough to buy something more
the guy has an item he  from a crackerjack box
I never had cracker jacks but in spaceballs yogurt got that ring of Swartz from it
so I guess that item the guy has is full of Swartz
latyer they go to the library and shes never been
shes really impressed by it
oh and hes got a book in it he wrote
she also talks loud in the library
she has him write a message in it despite it being highly against library protocol
now kids draw swastikas made of male organs in everything but back in the 60s, him writing in a library book mustve been like him b0ning it
then they go to a store and do very minor things
again it mustve been really shocking in the 60s
they also shoplift masks on their faces
shes turning him into a degenerate
when they get home they take off the masks and kiss
I assume after all the shocking behaiviour for the 60s, the b0ning mustve been too much so they had them kiss instead
if they remake this film its gonna have a lot more 18+ scenes
and swearing
and rap
and nude scenes
and 3d
and it'll all be cgi
after theuy've b0ned thery wear the masks (a cat a\nd a dog)(I guess their furrys)
he sees his wife coming back and comes back to his room just in time
he still has the mask and the wife considers wearing one too
he turned her furry!
he wants to break up
and right after she turned furry
she gives him 1000 $$ to take the chick on a vacation
then sprays union commie propaganda
he then wanders all over town looking for the chick
he finds her in the library reading while wearing shades
she seems distant and uncomfortable
I think she got the aids
he says he loves her but she is gonna marry a south american
he finds out he was just another random guy she was b0ning
he gives herr 50 $ for b0ning him and leaves as she looks at him from behind
later the Asian guy is taking a bath but it fades away as he gets out of the tub to get the doorbell
if this was made today it would show his foot long
later the chick starts tearing up her place like  in batman returns as catw9man
she then whines and says; noooo! noooooo!
I think shes got aids again
turns out the south american guy dumped her
and her family was killed in a farm accident or something
I think it was a cover up
the space daemons attacked
we need shadow the hedgehog to shoot them up
just like in contra and super c on NES
later shes has foreign words on a tape and her place is redecorated
he returns and has done 2more books
and shes going to south America soon with her boy friend
she thinks hes gonna marry her
but this is just like j fk and all the women he b0ned
they get back to her place after being out and the aisan guy and the cops have em arrested for narcotix
turns out the gangsta she was b0ning was a nartoitix head
later they get bail or something and this friend of the chick helps the guy
later theyre taking a cab and shes going to skip town and run away to marry the south american guy
he sends her a letter telling her he's not getting dragged down by her sin
she lets her cat out in the slums to get b0ned by homeless guys
after the guy tells her he loves her and her not wanting to be tied to any man to avoid being a slave is a forme of slavery
she gets her senses back and goes out to find the cat
she calls for it(like cats actually listen to human orders) and they find it in a box
I assume its been b0ned already
btw; she named the cat; cat
its like calling a son; brother
or a daughter. sister
like those bear books from the 20th century
they then kiss in the rain and the film ends without letting us know if they're gonna get the chair for drugs
for breakfast at tiffanys 2 I'd like it to be a prison movie about the woman from the 1st movie having to join a prison gang to survive and dealing with degenerate gangs trying to b0ne and eat her. she realizes she needs to get tough to survive and needs to become a female body builder. but theres not enough protein in the prison food so she begins eating the other inmates and using their organs as weapons like aids blood spray or an intestine whip or an inside out stomach with acid coating on the outside. also theres many scenes of bone and organ removal and long feeding scenes of her feasting on the flesh of her victims. oh and long scenes where she makes her flesh and organ weapons.

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