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Mildred Pierce Review

note; my keyboard is wearing so expect typoes
mildred pierce
this is my review on the film mildred pierce
joan crawlford
I liked her in her silent days
that lon chaney film with the armless guy was great
I also like how its in proper full screen
we need to fight widescreen
it should take over
so it starts with some gude getting shot a buncha times
and a car drives away
Rasputin survived guns, poison AND a beating
this guys a candya55
then joan crawlforde is on the waterfront and almost jumps into the sea
bt a cop stops her
good thing for cops
theyre like spiders
they catch the ones who cause problems
my yugioh home's dad was a cop
desk job
he retiedded recently and when he was preparing to I joked about him being a cop days from retirement
he lolled
joan goes to a ban and talks to some guy over alcoholic drinks
I think he wants to b0ne her
afterward they go back to her place
and theres a dead guy fro b4 there
but they don't notice him
is this a horror movie?
maybe shes like a praying mantis and eats her men after b0ning them
hes about to kiss her but she spills juice on herself and goes to change
she ditches him and he talks to her(shes not there)
he realizes after a while and finds himself locked in
shes gonna gas him!
when this happened in the riki-oh books it turned out the room riki-oh was in was also a giant microwave
but he wrapped himself in tinfoil b4 he cooked
the guy finds the body
he then breaks a window and gets out
but the cops get him
joan crowlerd gets home and her kid is upset
hen some big guys take joan crawled out and tell her that someone(I tink her husbande) was iced
back at the stationthey grill the guys offcrees
and its revaled that joan was married to him once
the cops tell her that her 1st husband was the killer
joan defends him
the guy who was iced at the start was her husband
then joan starts tlling her life story
living in the suburbs and mayrrying the guy and having his kids
her husband is malcontent about her being able to make cash while hes having work issues
also, joans dad was rich
and joan is raising her kids to be something
and she suspects hes cheating on her with a neighbor
and she cares more about her kids than her husband
then they break up
one of her daughters is into playing football and dressing like a boy
the kids ask about their dad leaving but joan is vague
but then tells em hes gone
a family is more than just people
you gotta synchro and connect
each piece is needed
then she finds shes outta cash
if this were that britany spears movie, I'd make a joke about b0ning men for money
and cuz its the 40s, aids isn't out yet
then a guy comes over looking for her husband and they talk
the female daughter wants her mom to marry him so she can live in a better home
shes one of those kids a cannibal wouldn't like
cuz shes SPOILED!!
SHE TRIES to find work but they need people with experieces
I blame o ba mma
at a resurant some waitresses are making a fuss so joan signs up to work there
in nami sos the girls work as waitresses in a resturant
but smaller uniforms
in 3 weks joan was a good waiess. in 6 weks she was experiencesd and in it. ND in 3 months she was one of the best
this is like 80s style anime skill
but she don't want her kid to know shes working as a waitress
whats the big deal?
its not like its wal mart
later joan comes home and sees their slave wearing joans uniform
her daughter found it and made her wear it
also shes played by prissey from  gone with the wind
she was so annoying
joANS FEmale kid is malcontent over her mom sinking so low and degrading their family image by working there
so joan slaps her
she should've beat the black ofa her
mak her whiter than Michael jackson
shes got no respect
shes one of those "elitists" who thinks common maN IS BEneith her
like a dirty monarch!
as AN american im into people having EQUal rights
not a ruling class governing the slum bums
this is why we elect our  leaders aND Don't have royalty
as ive said before
its "we the people"
not; we who are subservient to the regent
so joan saves up enuff money to start a restaurant and rent a place to make enough money to later on buy it
also she finds she has to divorce or her husbands creditors will eat her business alive
as they share property rights in caifornia
she gets her hunsand over and talks him into it "for the children"
but he don't want to
later she goes to the beach with the guy shes having the restaurant from
and shes wearing a white bikini top and trunks
then they go swimming
he keeps offering drinks
I think he wants to b0ne her
he then reads her palm almost
theyre falling in love
this is turing into sailor moon
but without the space daemons
then I think they b0ne
he drives her home and its raining
my rents drove me home in the rain yesterday
we took a short cut through a back road in a thunderstorm
its like being in a horror movie
I half expected some sasquatch to come out and try to kill eat or b0ne us
then joans timboy kid has pnunomia
then she dies
I thought it was odd she had 2 kids
I only remembered 1 fro last/1st time I saw it
then she does her restuant
then the guy she b0ned is flirting with her female daughtr
and her female daughter is gay for him
and he reads her palm
then we timeskip and the resurant gets more successful
wait, I think its just later that night
her hsbands friend was with the living daughter and they dance
after wok oan and the guy she b0ned kiss
then joans husband comes in
he tells her he accepts her divorce
he didn't wanna divore er cuz he didn't know if she could make it on her own
but now he sees and lets her go
the guy she b0ned says something and her husband gets mad
over the years she opened more resturants and her kid got more greedy
soon joan starts letting the guy she b0ned borrow money from her now that shes rich
also her kid is borrowing cash from waitresses and not paying tem back
remember variable geo? that had waitresses
it should've been on sega
so the guy her mom b0ned gives the daughter a car
joan asks the guy she b0ned to stay away from her kid
shes 17(which is old enough to have kids(look at all those pregnant teens on maury))
he dumps her then
she gives him a check for his expences for dating her daughter
later the daughter is with the husbands homie and daing some white guy
later his mom tells joan that she doesn't want joans kid and her kid weding
the daughter reveals she married the guy on her 18th birthday
they acts like shes a victim
shes a manipulator
they then settl it in court
the husbands homie wants to leach 10 000 dollars as the daughter wants it
and reveals shes pregnant
knowing the daughter its not even her husbands kid
she was probanly out b0ning some big black guy like with kid kardashioan
wait, she was faking bein pregnant
she reveals she wanted the money to get away from her mom and her life cuz shes malcontent over having a mom who was a poor
joan tears up her check and the daughter slaps her
she kicks her awfu kid out
you should've sawed off her legs and used her as a slave in your kitchen
after a vacation joan returns home and starts drinking
she still cares of her horrid kid
she wants her back
her female homie says she likes how aligatrs eat their young
I assume shes suggesting canibalism
later in a night club she sees her kid as a dancer
if this were made today she'd be in a mini-thong
the hr husbands homi tells her that if you want her to do smething for you, hit her I the head first
I assume that means shes b0ning guys for money
joan tries to help her but she rejects it
she likes being in charge of her own life
her freedom is actually slavery
later she gos back to the guy she b0ned and wants to marry him
he agrees to do so for 1/3rd of her money
her husband comes over and asks if shes in love with him
she says no but shes doing it for her kid
he reveals he brought their kid over and she wants to live with her
they seem to reconcile
later something happens with her business and crediters and shes going down
the guy she b0ned wants to sell his shares in the business and is forcing her husands homie to do so or hes out
joan takes credit for killing him but the cops reveal that they used the info she gave em to figure out it was her kid
and her kid was going out of town thanks to joan
its revealed the daughter was b0ning the guy joan b0ned and he never lovd her
she wanted to marry him but the guy reveals he never wabted to marry her
so she shot him
man, women can be so mental
no wonder so many guys turn queer
the daughter begs for help from her mom but her moms had enough of it
she blames joaN FOR her turning out bad
joan is convinced and tries to help her
the cops then take the daughter away to prison
don't drop the soap!
for mildred pierce 2 i''d like it to be a women in prison movie about her kid joining a hermaphrodite gang to protect her from the other gangs and they use black magic to turn her into a hermaphrodite. also, theres a prison riot and she and her hermaphrodite friends try to break out and in the climax, fight a giant guard robot and fuse together into 1 giant hermaphrodite to take it down.

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