Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Music Man Review

note; my keyboard is kinda screwed up and the keys are badly placed
so don't mind the typoes
the music man
this is my review of the music man
its widescreen!
what N ABOMinstion
it starts with a guy in a hat being kicked outta town and leaving on a train'
then a weird song
its like a rap
this guy named Harold hill gives salesmen a bad name by promicing to make a kids band but is just a conman
ten harlod hill gets of and goes into iowa
he compliments a big black horse
he may be trying to seduce it
I watch too much my little pony
he goes through town and the townsmen say its aid iowae
this is starting to seem like one of those inbred reneck texas chainsaw towns
but in the... wen is this?~! imma guess th 1800s
maybe after slavery
before the inbreeding and cannibalism from the freed caught on
harol meets a guy he knos and its revealed his real name is gregori (like Rasputin)
hes selling boy bands
but not the gay bacstreet boy/m'snyc kind
I hope
I h8ed their music and such
this woman complains of adult foreign poetry being shown to their kids
this town is very plain and moral
and hill wants to stir up trouble to feed on chaos
he spreads propaganda and tries to feed of it for his own gain
its like the global warming commies lol
he use his prpagada song so brainwash the innocent people and makes using 1800s slang like "swell" sound evil
this reminds me of cnn making a big stink over nothing
cnn is a pencil neck candy a55 network
its making it sound like its a big deal people slept in their cars
in winter
what do u think it was like for the civil war soldiers?!
they didnt have cars!
they had tents
no electricity
with union deemons comming after em
now some blonde I teaching piano andtalks in synchro of the girl playing
her mom wants her to get married
the blonde thinks Harold is a purvo as he talked to her on the street
the blonde is a grammer nazi
she "corrects" a girl asking "can" I hae a drink into "may" I have a drink
grammer r 4 a buttmos
I is-aint be an grMMER nazies
nuke english!
we talk 80s to da max!
mondo cool
blicktee black
around 26 mins in the video feed got weird and skippy
im watching this on wned pbs
must be a problem with their Betamax tape
they should get it on laserdisc
now the blonde ad the girl shes training sing some fruity song about the moon or w/e
now the next day theres a patriotic american event where they are proud to be american
I miss that
now the sovits took oer and rag on america
good thing for the southpark guys
and their biopic team america
this is at a high school
but I thought school only went up to grade 6
that's as far as my gransdparents were gven
they mae it to their 70s-90s
now tees stay I school til their 30 and become gay xxx stars who eat people
like that guy on trial
a teen sets off a firecracker and they discuss
harlod an his friend spread worry and fear and manipulate the crowd into needing something done
then he goes on a song about selling them a boys band
bands are for buttmos
real men play sports
but nerds h8 sports so we play dungeons and dragons
or sega
but sega is cool
so real men play sega
I beat battletoads cuz im awesome
btter than these sissy kids games where you die too much and get the level done for you
in my ay if you died too much u started the game over
it made a man outta you
now the kids are all girlymen
I beat contra 1 without the code
todays kids cant hhandle super Mario 1
I went to make soup but my microwave didn't work so I cooked it on a stove
but I don't think I missed muxh
he has some guys singing at night
hes trying to seduce the blonde
she stands her ground and doesn't fall for it
the next day he trix some lady into getting stuff for them joining the band
he schemes with his friend to be out of town in 4 weex
he sucks up to the mayors woman and makes her walking seem like she has perfect flow at dancing
the women have this weird rap/song against the blonde
its like bad nightmare b4 xmas
some men wanna see harolds credentials
but he ditches em
now he sings a song about why he doesn't want to marry a pure hearted girl
I think this is him alluding to his b0ning preferences
I think he likes WH0RES!!!!!
and a child was listening to his song
shes gonna grow up corrupted and do XXX and get HIV-AIDS now
he goes to the library and tries to seduce the blonde
he sings loud in the library
this reminds me of santa clase is coming 2 town where Jessica was like the blonde and was stuffer and not as jolly as she became soon after
now theres a weird formation dance with a buncha guyz
its like bad robotech
now the whole library gos into dance
if this was remade as an adult movie it would be a big group love scene
such filth
he kisses her and runs out
in the 1800s thats like he just b0ned her
he tries to talk to someone at the door but the maypr sez hes SOLICITING
and w/o a permit
but Harold gets away by distracting him with flattery on his hands
this could be taken the wrong way
he keeps telling parents they have good genetic features that make their kids great players
and they fall for it
its like these toddlers in tiaraS MOMS WHO  want heir kids to be stars
that's how honey booboo started
in a pararell universe
the honey booboo fam is an inbred cannibal texas chainsaw family
eating teenagers and inbeeding
they aint that far off now
the blondes bro is emo and their dad died in the civil war or something
waSNT iowa confederate?
that explains why theres only whites in this town
the slaves left after being set free
now theres a 40s style song about being in love
kinda like that Robotech song
but not as good
Robotech had the best music
now music is awful
and the musicians are purvos and WH0RES
I miss the 50s
when people had class
look t fred astIRE
he was ever so grand
now we got kim kardashian getting buttpregnant from some guys shes not married to
now a wagon comes to town and the people sing
this kid has a really bad speech impediment
and Harold gives him a horn
now some fat chix work on their posture
this kid wants help but Harold side escapes the issue
he skips out on teaching andgoes to the ice cram shop
the mayor finds a guy is dating his daughter
he threatens to have him whipped
the mayor has too much power
hes the England oppressing america
his name is mayor SHIN
hes chuneese!!
hes a commie!!
oppressing the people
harold doubletalks his way out of the real music teacher blonde recognizing his trickery
the mayors boys come up to get his credentials but he gets em into a song and ditches em
they sing like on moonlight bay
after the song, the lisp kid comes in with a pocket knife he got from Harold
harord was also helping the lisp kid with teaching him songs with less S's
a guy comes in to out Harold but the blonde holds him off from getting his train
she tox wiith Harold but e convinces her to trust him
the friend sings at a dance about girls who aren't WH0RES
aroun 58 mins in the video goes weird
they need a laserdisc
the guy and the blonde meet at a bridge amd make out
his friend warns him to get out when he can
the blonde reveals se knows hes a fake but likes him anyway
the mayor gets the town against Harold or something
im not sure
I was reading about Robotech
he comes out to the lisp kid about him being a crook
the town has a meeting about lynching Harold but the blonde tells em they are better off after him
he leads the kids in band and the parents loe it despide them being aWFUL
people costumes change and they become a real band
holy f
ronny howard was the lisp kid
I thought he looked like ronny howard
for the musi man 2 I'd like it for them to have the slaves return and want to take over their town so they  use music to confuse em and in the chaos fire a massive blast that destroys their fleet
that's Robotech
so if they make a the music man 2 I'd like the music instruments and uniformes to be made out of irradiated poison materialand it causes the people to mutate into tentacle monsters and their town is taken off the maps until one guy discovers the olde mapes and goes there with some friends and they all get torn apart and eaten

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