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A Tale Of Two Cities Review

note; my keboard is badly made so expect some topes
a tale of 2 cities
this is my review on a tale of 2 cities
the 1935 version
its prodiced by david o Selznick and based  on a book by Charles dickens(chucky D)
H B warner is in this
he was the title character in the 20s King of kings
it was the best of time/worst of times?
so that's were its from
I recal that line being mentioned n transformers robots in disguise
it starts with some brits on a wagon going around somethere at night
then this girl coimes to this guys place and he says hes her servent
he brought her and her mom to England
he maks a big deal over making sure she knows hes not into her
hes probably fighting his straightness  so he can be more English fitting
he tells her that her dad is still alive but imprisioned
she blacks out and when he sees to her the mom thinks hes b0ning her
that English woman is most horrid
I hope she gets blown up
the frenchies in town are malcontent
they eat waste that spills in the streets and have anger at everything
just like modern frenchies
its wine that spills
not drums of waste
the girl goes to see her dad who was in the bastille for nearly 20 years for some reason
his mind is collapsed and he just makes shoes in his own filth steined rags
I assume he went prison gay after all those years in the slammer
he meets his daughter and thinks its his wife
that brit woman wasn't her mom
its her slave or something
they get ready to leave but hes looking for a loose brick he let in jail
one guy sez its 4 da best ne don't see it as its horror or w/e
this masculine woman sez hes been in proson 18 years for something about an aristocrat and he didn't get a trial
later that aristocrat runs over a kidplaying in the street and blames them for it
theres a lot of ugly people in this movie
the aristocrat is a lot like the warden from riki-oh
his nephew is a commie who wants to give away wealth to the poors
hi nephew wants to go to England
he has a bit of romance with the tutor
I hate how chucky D makes the rich look bad
its racist
I otta call the cops on him and have him arrested for being racist
and hes gonna go to jail and drop the soap
now this guy talks about Washington and his rights of man ideas
I assume this wasn't in the book as chucky D was a brit and they hate ameicanos
apaently, the nephw gets arrested or something
its very vague and only shown in a newspaper clip
some laywers talk brittish for a bit
the nephews lawer is also a drinker
some brit fam talks in their brit accent for a bit
at least in clock work orange the right creepy queere olde brit slange was cool
the layewr is cheerful yet he has no trust for anyone
I think hes planting evidence
these brits are evil
innocent until proven guilty
this movie is un-American
good thing for George washi gton  beating those britz back in the slavery days and freeing us from their oppression
in the court the brits joke and make light of this guy going to get the chair
they call him saying america is good as treason to England
also the lauwer's assistant looks just like the neophew
the guy accusing the nephew changes his testimony
hes foubd not guilty
the drunk lawyer and nephew have dinner
afterward the lawyer talks to a mirror abou wanting the nephews life and girl and not being emo
then its Christmas
nephew cant go to church as something came up and he needs to talk to her dad
he revals his uncle was the one who sent him to the camps
the dad forgives him but sez to not tell the girl as he wants to
at church the layewr seems to change
like saul after his vision and becoming paul in the bible
or miriya joining the robotech defence force after leaing the Zentraedi
they don't make films this good aymore
now it would be set in modern times and there would be several love scenes and more swearing and really dull color and would hate on america
later the layewr has turned good aND DRINKS tea like a brit or a samurai
ad hes falling in love with the girl
later the nephew and girl gt married
but the laywr doesn't show
hes been going emo in his lair
meanwhile, back in fracne, the poors are plotting a blak uprising
and the aristocrat is talking his 1st world issues with his minions
he saw someone at the window but the guy ouside hid b4 being caught
then a poor breaks in after the aristocrat falls asleep
hes gonna b0ne him!
but 1st he kills him
murdering a Man ust cuz you disagree with him
how politically correct lol
laer the frenchies gayly chat about the upcoming revolution
they blame it on extreamists
5 years passed
its like in dbz
for safety, they bring in foreigners as soldiers
the frenchie poors say how they don't mind killing foreigners as much as frenchies
just like in camada with the French Canadians lol
one guy reveals that the aristocrats nephew and the guy who he arrested's daughter had a kid
the poors ae too butthurt to forgive he guy related to a guy they didn't like who died years ago
on july 14 in 89, the malcontent frenchie poors went berserk and started a rampage
they busted open the biggest jail and let all the crminals out
he defence force put up a noble effort
but there were just too many poors
oh butt!
the army turned on its own side!
they probably b0ned the defence force dead
then like all rebellions, they started killing anyone they didn't like(the rich)
ust like In Russia, cuba, china, Vietnam, korea ect
this is like if the occupy movement had succeeded and anyone with money or who didn't buy their commie propaganda was killed
the tutor is tricked into writing a letter to get the nephew over
they kill the tutor and want to kill the nephew cuz he has money
in England the brits are swindling the surviving aristocrats into loans
after he leaves the dad tells the girl of the nephew's unclewas the on who imprisioned him
and that aristocrats who return are to be executed by law
the nephew is arrested
the malcontent poors have a kangaoo court and distribute executions like burgerking sells inferior food than mcdonalds
the nephew tries to use common sense and reason to defend his case
but the frenchies laugh and mock him like apes seeing something they find amusing
the dad defends he nephew and they are  supposed to like him cuz he was in jail
just like with rappers
the crowd cheer for the dad after his hearty speech
then a frenchie outs him for having confederate I mean aristocrat sympathies
its writings he made that he was looking for in the begining
the frenchie is the sister of someone who was killed doing something bad to the rich
these frenchines are as butthurt at the rich as the Chinese are at the Japanese from around a century ago
the girl prays to the Lord to save her husband
later the lawyer comes in
he finds his olde chum is able to sneak in and out of prison
the girl begs the woman who outed the dad
but she has no soul and only wants hatred and vengence
one frenchie gives the girls kid a toy guillotine
that's sick
nuke the frenchies
and now the dads mind broke again
they laywer spend an afternoon with a guy who sneaks in prison
N0 H0M0
he gives up his permit and encourages then to leave at 8 am
as he tinks, theres a quote that says; I am the resurrection and the life, in the background
he gives a speech about life beaning something
this is really good
no movies would be about hippies and animals having rights and communism
he meats wth the prison sneaker who is revealed to be the guy who accused the nephew at the start of the movie
its also revealed that he was a paid spy of some rich guy
no one can break outta that prison
but the lawyer drugs the nephew and swaps places with him
its revealed the frenchies paly games and have mock trials with the doomed
the prison sneaker gets the drugged nephew out
the frenchies plan to kill the nephews wife and kid
she finds the heroes hae left
the brit lady has a deathmatch against the frenchie
keel herr!
bite off her ears like mike Tyson!
the frenchie pulls a firearm
but gets shot by it as the brit lady twists it
I like the brit lady now
the beat a frenchie in a deathmatch
the good guys get away
in the loading area for the guillotine the lawyer meets a young girl sentenced to get the blade
the girl realizes its not the nephew and asks to hold his had as they get their heads lopped off
this is sad
the lawyer sacrifices himself for his friend
the film ends with a bible quote
H B Warner was the tutor
for a tale of two cities 2 I'd like for the heroes of the 1st movie to go to america and raise a liberty force to free france from the poors and return the stolen property to the aristocrats. but the poors have become daemons and have black powers. so they use holy weapons to fight them and go from arra to area to free the imprisoned aristocrats and enslave the poors to work off their debt of all the damage they caused to the country and the few good people in it.

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