Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pride And Prejudice Review

note; my keyboard is kinda screwed up and the keys are badly placed
so don't mind the tyopes
proide and predjudice
this is my review on the movie verison of pride and prejducie
the one with kiera knightly
everytime I was watching this film I ended of up losing interest
its not as good as gone with the wind
I keep thinking this film is little women
which also was better
its the story of some chicks n the slavery days or w/e and wanting to be married
its like an 1800s version of listening to girls talk at the mall or cafeteriea in high scool about what hunks are dreamy
as a hetero male, this film is not desighned for me
I may have to turn queer to like this film
I just realized theyre BRITZ!!!
gag me with a spoon!!
most people don't find the eeengleeesh very atractivce
they don't age well either
not like us noble poles
so the 1st dozen or so minutes are about them going to a dance
but its not as good as flash dance nor foot loose
the music reminds me of the sleepy hollow cartoon
after the dance kiera knightleys sister is ivnited to dinner with a man
the mom makes her go on horseback so they aren't b0ning in a carriage but it rains so she has to SPEND THE NIGHT with him
the next day kiera nighty (who is called Elizabeth(like lisa hayes in Robotech)) walks over to see her at his place
lisa's love interest is called mr darcy
he looks like a loser
he is
A BRITT!!!!!
lisa and darcy talk about women being "accomplished" and lisa doesn't lik know any but darcy knoews 6 who were
they talk all stuck up and pretentious for a while
at least Robotech had people talking like real people
this they talk almost shakespere
at least its not cockney
I H8 cockney
that queer clockwork orange jibber jabber
at least you can understand and pick up on alex and his droogs guv'nuh
I couldn't even watch oliver
so lisa's family comes and picks her up
and at home they find their est8 is going to ggo to their cousin mr Collins
as they need a male heir
and lisa's fam is all chix
hes kind of a buttpope
hes attracted to his cousin
imean it happened with kyle and minmei in Robotech
but still
that's inbreeding!
the next day they find a luitenent who goes shopping with them
I think hes queer
turns out the luinenent is connected to darceys fam
they were boyhood copanions but when darcys dad died, gave liunennt the thing but darcy gave it to someone else
so the liutenent joined the service
this is really getting like Robotech with these rivalrys
I hope he kills that darcy
then b0nes his corpse
so theres a party and liutenent doesn't show
lisa and Collins talk during the dance like in Robotech with them talking while having a dogfight
then darcy shows up
hes a bit monotone
he doesn't have a soul
they dance and have some back/forth
Collins talks to darcy as both know this chick named lady Catherine
they guy her sister went to see is gay for her sister and is a bit of a dude like bill and ted but with some befuddledness of high grant
lisa has all these guys coming after her
its like ranma 1/2 but with a real woman who has men wanting her
Collins offers to marry lisa but she denys him and he just doesn't get she doesn't want him. hes very fruity about it and unmasculine
I hate how all the English guys are girly and the English women are manly
England is bizzaro world
same with frenchies too
then again
maybe us having manly men and girly girls is the weird way and men are supposed to be girly and girls are supposed to be manly
nah they're just off
her mom tries to force her to mayrry Collins but her dad sez
u don't gotta
and she goes back inside to find her sister who likes the guy she was with that ngiht . her bf is doing something but I don't really get it cuz they talk in that queer shakespere talk and only said what it was once
this chick named charlotte is marrying Collins on the rebound as she has no one better to marry
hes gonna b0ne her butt
after some time passes lisa visits charolete
they they go see the previously mentioned cathernine
and darcy is there cuz hes her nefew
usually in these movies, brittish old hags are evil
shes unhappy that someone gives her opinion besides her
I hope mel Gibson comes in and fights her in a steampunk suit and they have a deathmatch
she needs to be fed into a meat grinder
nasty elitist hag!
as an american I believe in equality
this commoners being subservient to nobility is un-American
no wonder we pwned England in 1776
the hag gets lisa to plai piano for her
like a SLAVE!!!
she talks smack to darcy and he just takes it
they go to church and cuz its read by a brit its boring
oh! its Collins
in church she finds that darcy was the one who broke up her sister and the guy she was with at night
latter darcy comes out to lisa and asks her to wed him
turns out he loved her all along
she tells him off for breaking up her sister and the guy but he never realized she liked the guy
also he hates her fam
she dumps him and he takes it like a sissy
just calmly walks off and apologizes for taking up her time
he should've beat the black offa her for talking to him like that
oh and she yelled at him for whatever he did th the liutennt
that night he gave her a letter which explainedthe luitenent was given the inheritance which he sold and gambled away
later he wanted more money but was refused
he tried to seduce darcys sister bu when he saw he wouldn't get cash he bailed
as for her sister, the guy was his friend and he did it for his good
while I was typing this I missed something but I think her sister is going to someone or somwhre that isn't good
later they go to darcys home
its full of nude art
she sees darcy get along lovingly with his sister and runs away
they chat then leave
the next day they go back and meet his sister
later she gets news her sister Lydia ran off wth the liutenent
so darcy goes off to help
I hope he kills the liutenent
and b0nes his corpse
the liutenent married Lydia amd wants money
Lydia returns and turns out that darcy paid for her wedding the liutenint
the guy her sis was night with returns and asks hrer to marry him, which she sez yez
that night the hag comes over
she sez that darcy wants to marry her
she rags on lisa and sez she wants darcy to marry her daughter (MORE INBREEDING!!)
lisa tells that NASTY OLD HAG off and THE HAG acts like SHES the one mistreated
England is horrid
we otta nu ke it or something
darcy grows a hotdog and stands up and sez hes sorry for his hag
he asks her to wed him and sez his interfering with her sisters love was"all for her"(just like in the omen)
her dad gives consent for her to marry him and the film ends
it wasn't as bad as the last several times I tried to watch it
I'd like for pride and predjudice 2 to be about the children of the main characters going on the brittish invasion of world domination to take over the world for their devilqueen (the hag) and mel Gibson leading a resistence to free the countries dominated by the daemonic grip of England. it would be a series of storys with him going to another country each chapter and freeing them like with Robotech II the sentinels with the expeditionary force freeing planets enslaved by the invid

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