Thursday, February 4, 2016

Halloween Review

note; my keyboard is bad and im left handimg so theres typoies
this is my review on Halloween 1(the 70s ver)
it starts from the p o v of this killer goimg around this home
he finds his sister just b0ned a guy and he kills her
in horror films the virgins survive
stay a virgin kids
don't want some psycho hackin you up
I notice he looks at his knife hand as he jabs her
he goes outside and his rents take off his mask
hes just a kid
I like how it shows kids can be evil
over a decade later, Donald pleasance and some chick come up to a nuthouse in the rain
they talk about the killer as a monster and how hes dangerous
this is kinda like Jurassic park how in the opening it has a similar thing
as they get close, they see mentals walking aroiund
then a guy attacks and takes the car
despite never saying a word for 15 years and being locked up since he was a kid, the kiler drives off perfectly
the nrxt day Jamie lee Curtis walks out of her home and her dad tells her to leave a key at the "myers" place
this film has some good music btw
on the way there, this cheerful kid talks to her about her babysitting him thatnight
no trick or treating?!
might aswell not eat turkey on thanksgiving
she puuts a key at this place and theres a purvurt in there breathing
the kid syas something bad happened there b4
the purvurt looks at her walking down te street
back at the nut house, the dr complains how no one listened to him
he also mentions how someone mustve given the killer lessons in driving
that don't add up
hes a maniac
then in school, jami lee curits is in class and the tacher talks about fate
then some evil kids torment the cheerful kid and push him and he breaks his pumpkin
those kids are evil
I hope someone skins them alive
one kid bumps into the killer but hhe lets him go
he should've snapped him in half and eaten him like a lobster
the killr drives around looking at Jamie lee curtins and bathing like a pruvurt
the dr later comes across a mechanic truck and the kkillers nuthouse robes
later, amie lee talks to her cheerleerder friend complaining abut some girl talk
also her other friend talks about boy trouble
the killer goes by on his car but a girl makes some 70s comment
he stops for a sec but then goes on
one time my neighbor Brandon was saying  flock you to things and giving the ring finger
he did it to a car driving by and it stopped and a guy got out
he ran away
hes lucky that guy didn't beat the black offa him
on the way ome, they see the killer hiding behind a bush and hes gone when they get there
like a ninja
and I was just watching a longplay on youtube of revenge of shinobi
later she sees some kids trick or treating in the afternoon
where I live, we do it at night
no purvurts or drug dealers like in California
ive seen the crow city of angels
then she gets a call of no one talking and she thinks its a purvurt making a phone call
it turns out to be her female friend
I love the atmosphere in here
very calm before a storm
the music is great too
and its in 4;3 fullscreen on tv
no black bars
just the way it should be
then she goes driving with her other friend and smoking chronic
meanwhile the dr goes to see a grave and finds the grave of the chick killed at the start of the film
but the stone is missing
bback in the car, the grls smoke chronic
I heard a story of this fam who ied a teen babysitter and when they called to check in, she said she put the turkey in the oven
when they got back, they found she was on drugs and cooked the baby
then they come across the girls dad(a cop) and he tells em a hardware store was broken into
he took a mask and some rope
this will com in handy later
the girls keep mentioning a dance tomorrow
this better be imoprtent
the gurls continue driving until is night for some reason
the killer  watches Jamie lee Curtis go t the kids home
wait, its this other chick
the one doing weed
also, the cop and dr check out the myers home
they find a dog thats part eaten
as I hate dogs, I don't mind
we otta round up all the stray dogs and send them to the 3rd world and feed them to the slum kids
amd if we're lucky, the owned dogs
a rock busts through the window of the myers home
the dr pulls a revolver
then he tells his story of meeting the killer and how hes evil
Donald plasence is a good actor
they decide to wait for him to return
meanwhile, Jamie lee Curtis and the kid read king athur and he wants to read cheap comics that will be worth something in this century
then her pot smoking friend calls and the dog starts barking
the killer out there!
she tells Jamie lee curis about getting her fave boy to go out with her to the dance tomorrow
while on the phone, the kid sees the killer outside but hes gine when Jamie checks
the pot head gets a stain on her outfit so she takes it off (no bra but we don't see her long nipples)
the killer kills the dog
I hate how in movies nowadays you can wipe out 87 people in 20 mins but you cant kill a dog
I hope he b0nes the dogs corpse
then eats it!!
so the kid is watching the 50s film, the thing from another world
hes gonna do the jack o lantern after the movie
but its already night
they talk about the boogie man
then the pot head goes to a shed to do laundry
why isn't it in the same building?
is this like for the slaves to do separate from the main home?
somehow she gets locked in
the little girl gets her out
the pot heads bf calls and tells her to come over to b0ne
she sends the girl to hang out with jaie lee Curtis
she goes to the car to drive to her bf's but the killer gets her
the kid sees the killer taking the pothead's body
the jaie lee Curtis don't believe him
just cuz hes a kid
that's racist
the girl believes him
some kids are daring t go to the myers home but the dr scares em off
hes got some playfulness under that dark serious exterior
a hand grabs his shoulder
but its the cop
he tries to warn him but the cop don't listen
then the blonde and her drinker bf plan to la a prank on Jamie lee curyis
then they b0ne
later the blomde calls and finds the pothead is gone
so they b0ne
he goes to get her a beer after
hes already dead
the killer holds him up with 1 hand and nails him to the wall with a knife
too bad he wasn't a dog
even his fit 70s guy strength wasnt enough
we need 50s guy might
the kiler then comes back wearing the guys glasses over a sheet with eye hole(yet not looking like a klansman at all)
the friend then calls Jamie lee curytis and is killed on the phone
Jamie lee Curtis then checks on the sleeping kids and goes to investigate
the dr finds the stolen nuthouse van
now we enter the final act
ohhhhhh the tension
she find the house empty
she finds the pothead in bed with the stolen tombstone
and her other homies dead
then, out of thr DArkness,comes the kiler!!
After a good chase of him walking slow knowing she cant get away, she gets out of the house and screamsfor help
but no one comes
she goes to the kids hom and he barley gets her in in time
the maniac's inside the mailbox!!
he misses her at close range and she counters with a needle to the neck
finish him!
hes not dead!
at least snap his leg so he cant chase you!
theres gonna be a ton of sequels that can end now if u finish him!
nah, he'd ust come back
she meets the kids but THE CAMERA TURNS AND HES BEHIND HER!
ohhhhhhhhhhhh that always makes me jump!
its like lon chaney in the phantom of the opera
she hides in a closet
he busts in but she stabs him with a coat hanger
he drops the knife and she jamms it into him
2nd chance!
finish him!
come on!
at least slice his tendons!
she gets th kids to go look for help
hes getting up!!1
the dr sees em and goes inside
he grabs her and she pulls off is mask
he puts it back on and the dr empties his gun into the guy
he falls out the window on the lawn
but when he looks...
hes gone!!!!
horror music!
hes still out there!
he cant be stopped!
and hes coming after you!!!!
the end
for Halloween 2 I'd like it to be set 20 years into the future where te killer has become a leader of a biker gang and the country is in a wasteland like in fist of the north star. the kids from the 1st movie are leaders of a biker gang that defends the weak and are searching for a magic jewel that will give the ultimate power to kill the killer from the 1st movie and free the country from his oppression.

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