Thursday, February 4, 2016

That's Entertainment 2 Review

note; my keyboard is kinda screwed up and the keys are badly placed
so don't mind the typoes
that's evnteryainment
this is my review of the film; that's entertainment
it stars likr 50 people from the 1800s
it starts with a lomg opening credits of creative ways of sowimg all the names of all these dead people
it sez part 2
I never saw part 1
im watching this
it starts with some 1800s born fiolkes singing and clips from movies
then has some dude talking aboiut his 1st film with judy garland
then some tap dancing
im not sure if this is a documetry or a decades old amv
I h9 how the fillscreen clips are shown with a black square around it and the wide screen sclips are with black bars
it should've all been 4;3
it seems like fred Astaire and gene Kelly are narrating their lifw in films
now fred is dping the sand dance the black guy in mel brooks historu of the world did
I aleays liked fred astaire
he was a crackerjack dancer for true eh whut me droggz guv na blicketee black
now is a clown song and some silent film chips
now some marx bros clips
the clip with the crowded room
I think groucho has a fetish for being packed in
this fil,m is just a montage dragon of other movies
its like a clip show for people wo missed the 20th century
I don't even recognize many of these people
such wide screen
that abomination!
tis guys singing about b0ning this woman
I wonder what fred Astaire thought of 80s break dancers?
we otta have a black arts ritual to ask him
thays how horror movies start
tis montage film just shows how many of these clips seem tacked on AS they can be viewed w/io context from the films
like they were added to the films to be cool
this singing reminds me of the simpsons ep where they were snowed in and skinner made em watch that really bad 30s film with the midget singing about b0ning that girl
most of tese songs from these musicals are about the guy wamting to b0ne the woman
just told in 1800s talk
now this guy I don't recognize has color disappear and they talk about  black/wite films
I miss b/w films
color is good with the pale blue tim burton nights or neon hair in 80s anime
but b/w is just so grande
now movies are dingy and mostly with grays and mild color
either have full color like gone with the wind
or have pure b/w
but don't go mixed half wth dull colors like in all those Michael bay/twilighr films
it jut loox badd
imagine if I was making A phone and the buttons were half installed on purpose
or took a picture but missed half the people on purpose
its gay
I don't like it
I ont even go to the movies anymore
I somethings on tv i'll watch it
but I don't go outta my way to see new filns
I prefer silents
these talkines are just not very good
laurel and hardy
now abbot ad costello
that guys an angry italiano
good times
now some song writers
I liked the songs from robotech
some were like broadway
some were like 80s
all were good
I like how in the future everything is the 80s
with video cassettes and walkmans and 80s hair
I don't like iproducts nor cellphones that do more than call people
tech should've stopped at sega genesis
the peak of human achievement; the 1990s
after that it was all downhill
esp cgi
it used to ok
now its juat overused and loox faker than 80s effex
but back to da movie
its people singing
usually about b0ning
now the song; good mornin
it was used in viaigra adds a whie back
ruined forever
good dancing THOUGH
now them aS midgets/babies
if you listen to the words its downbeat
now a xmas song
this is kinda sad
but wonderful
you don't hear that kind of emotion now in music
its just lust and drugs and b0ning
now fred asaire in easter parade
it reminds me of aladdin
the genie song
I have that on my sega
good game
wtf slo mo
mondo cool
that's right boys; mondo cool!
such talent
now its all done on cgi and trix
but fred had real talent
now some blonde offering 10 cents a dance
I assume dance means b0ne
now the highlight of of the dance with the kids in n american(werewolf?) in paris
now frank sinatra
he was italiano
lke the guy who did the Robotech music
ulpio minuchi
he was grand
the actress of minmei said he was a sweetman
I never really heard Sinatra music
but what I hear now sounds good
very classic
mellow and mild but with heart
now hes singing about b0ning to a princess
now a bunch of clips with famous lines
many of em are unknown to me
now hes in France!!!
now a fruity guy sings about b0ning
hes like pepe le pew
if i did to woman what he did to cats i'd be in jail
wait, hat sounds wrong
now a clip from that amerivan in paris film where he and his masculine gf dance
now some animation
moe singing
if this film were made now it would have more fight scenes
now a GUY hopping around like a video game guy
the people behind him stomp in unison
reminds me of the babar film with them defending themselves by faking haing an army with them stomping in unison
I used to like babar
the new show isn't as good
like with franklin and the new cgi show
ooh; singin in da rain
the sexy dance
I assume this dance is a metaphor for them b0ning
they cut a few frames midscene
I assume its censorship cuz you could see up her skirt
although it was pretty small
the skirt and the scene it showed
now a blonde with guns shooting targets on horseback
kateh hepburn
I never found her nice
she always seems like a rebel
like someone trying to shake things up
she was also kinda mannish
I watched a doc on her not long ago
she seemed like a bad egg
just kinda aggressive and brutish
she went against the grain
she wasn't a real lady
spencer tracey held a gun on em
them ate it
it was chocol8
now some water skiing
if this were made today it wouls all be cgi
now a song with them mentioning all the actors in this
they dance, shake hands and it freeze frames
the end
if they made that's enterainment 2 it should have ean clUDE van damme and steven segal talking about bad action and kung fu films
then they fight to the death
and jean clUdE PUnches segal so hard he splatters like a garbage bag of chef boy ar dee being hit by a truch

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