Thursday, February 4, 2016

Amadeus Review

note; my keyboard is badly designed so theres gonna be typoes.
this is my review on Amadeus
it starts with some dudes bringing a guy icecream and he dies
by cutting himself
hes not dead
I know of literally nobody who mae this film
that didn't stop me from liking pumpkinhead,and alien dead and flesh eater
so the suicide guy in in the nuthouse and playing piano
he looks like scrooge from a Christmas carol
one of the older movie versions
the priest comes in and aSKS to do his confession
this movie is in Austria
I knew an Austrian guy in an aikido class I took years ago
he looked like johnny depp and the guy milerna married in escaflowne and the guy who thought fish eye was a faery in sailor moon super S
he was cool
like roy Fokker to my rick hunter
g had long hair and hipster glasses
so the suicide guy plaYS some songs he wrote the priest doesn't know
but the pieiest knows Mozart
wolfgand Amadeus Mozart
they named the film after his middle name?!
that's like calling a movie about willim h macy "H"
they did make that George bush movie called; W
so the suicide guy tells his life story of hias crush on Mozart
he always wanted to be A SUCCESSFUL composrr but hisskills weer'nt as good as the naturally born skills of Mozart
its like in beylade with kai using his well trained blading skills against the inborn ubermench talent of Brooklyn in season 3
back when beyblade was good
so suicide guy prayed to the Lord to be a good composer and his dad died
he saw it as a GOOD thing as his dad wanted him to have a real job
that's twisted
kids never know whats best for em
they want thibgs their way and don't care of the after effects
this guy is ALso a virgin and maybe butt virgin
im not sure
hes in Europe and they're into that stuff
so Mozart made his1st concerto at age 4
I think he had aspergers
it would eplaIN HIs hyper skills and talent
like those guys who see a box of legos fall and in one glance count them all
so suicide guy sees mozat b0ning thia girl
this guys A butthole
hes like one of those teens who gets people to spell pen island
or says swear words backwards unto a computer and plays it in reverse
he really oes says swear words backwords and gets people to decode it
he can think and spell and pronounce backwords
he IS aspergers!
the king owns him and wants him to know his place
 points his butt at the king while bowing to other people
I bet he pooted
hesa musical genious and has high intelligence
but hes such an obnoxious teen!
once I was at mcdonalds and my yugioh buddy said
I don't wanna sound old but I hate all these teenagers!
Mozart seems like he'd like 4chan
the germans want him to make a german opera for his people in grman
but this guy whines it otta be in...EL ITALIAano
e but the german language is kinda awful
it sounds like angry swearing
I saw; run lola run
and that clip of hitler finding out he lost the war and going on a tirade, that was used in all those parodys
hitler responds to the new yugioh ban list
the hair of everyone is like bad 80s
but not neon like in Robotech or call me tonight or violence jack
the german guy plays mozarts song really badly as Mozart comes in
even mozerts laugh is annoying
hes like me
moart did some variations of the suicide guys tunes
Mozart is given the chamce to do the opera and wants to do it in german
he wants to set it in a Turkish harem
and doesn't get how this isn't suitable for public viewing
the suicide guys italiano
and Mozart sez the italianoids don't know love
then bashes opera in italiano
Mozart then plays and digivolves the suicide guys tune just by hearing it once
and everyone loves it
then Mozart cackles
back in the present, the suicide guy blames the Lord for not making him talented enough
now HE sounds like a butthole teen

back in the flashback, suicide guy's gf is very interested in mozart
she does everything but aSK mozarts hotdog length
suicide guy has a b0ner for the girl in mozarts play
but never touched  her
but doidnt want anyone touching her
I thought thiswas european
wheres all the naked men?
are they in a wholesome place like Slovenia?
the german guy liked mozarts show but thought it had too many notes
Mozart nearly throws a sissy fit

y jumps in and says her kid and Mozart are future wifes
y's waifu doesn't take it well
she gets mad at suicide guy for not telling her mozaert has a future wife
mozart comes in and she sez mozarts future wife must be great in bed
shes gay for Mozart
the suicide guy keeps blaming the Lord for his issues
e also keeps calling Mozart; the creature
like frankensteins monster?
so then the pope or something tells it like it is!
Mozart is a spoiled brat!
maybe if his parents beat him more he'd have turned out good
then Mozart gets wed  despite his dad telling him not to
Mozart later goes mental for having to compete with others he sees as inferior to him
he goes mental on having italianos judging his work
I hope Mussolini kicks his candy a55
pavoratti too
in fact; I want the 3 tenors to beat him up
that'll lean him some respect
mozarts woman gives suicide guy moarts work and tells him Mozart needs this gig and he spends too much money
hws m c hammer!
the suicide guy offers mozarts woman a liquer candy; nipples of venus
is this a P0RN0?!
THat sounds like an adult sailor moon attack
feet of mercury!
sword of mars!
nipples of venus!
mrs Mozart also reveals mozar doesn't make copies of his work and the ones she gave him are the originals
suicide guy is overcome b how awespme the music is just by reading it
he offers to give his word to the emperor if she comes to see him... TONIGHT1!!
thisis really becoming a P0RN0!!
this guy is turning into T R Edwards from Robotech 2; the Sentinels
as he has this g had against the main character over something the hero did without even knowing
sp mrs Mozart comes over as Mozart is at a concert
shes a nice girl
like minmei
shes getting nude!
this isn't minmei!
suicide guy turns her down and she acts like something bad happened afterward
suicide guy burns a cross and declares his intent to ruin Mozart
and suicide guy bears false witness against Mozart of him molesting a girl he trained
this guy IS T R Edwards
Mozart meets suicide guy and reveals hes broke
he wants a lone and offers to do anything for it as hes gonna be the richest guy in Europe soon
uicide guy refers this dog obcessed guy to Mozart to teach his kid
the guy's kid is shy and his dogs don't like mozarts music
these people are like euro-rednex
he quits
at home he finds his dad in a black cape like some lon chaney horror villiaN
like most fathers of punka55 teens, his dads disappointed of him
he doesn't even want his dad to see his secret project
and his woman is preggo

they later go to a mask dance and play musical chairs
his woman exposes herself(her legs and knees) as a penalty for losing
Mozart loses and gets a penalty but his dad wants him to go home with him
but only ones that can be done in the room count
so Mozart plays bach
and upsidedown
suicide guy (masked) asks Mozart to play his music
Mozart plays it while acting inbred and faking poots
suicide guy thinks its the Lord laughing at him through mozart
this guys paranoid
later a maid comes over and says shes paid by an anonymus fan
shes probably an assassin
mozarts dad doesn't trust her but mrs Mozart wants her
mozrts dad leaves
turns out the maid is a spy for suicide guy
while mozarts out suicide guy comes over
and finds out Mozart is setting Figaro to opera
which is not permitted to be performed in whatever country its in as it promotes class warfare
and the german guys sister marie antoniente is in trouble as her people are revolting
Mozart wants to make it a weird artsy thing
but the german guy says no
and Mozart doesn't wanna write of olde things such as legends and heroes
he describes the opening and somehow that leads to him being allowed to use the forbidden play
im very anti censorship
but im also against dangerous things like commie propaganda and info on how to kill people
there must be balance
suicide guy has his goons interperet the emperors orders to mess with moart
I get how smart this film is
its arguing against producer interference
like people messing with a directors vision
like the crow city of amgels
the german guy hates how it looks w/o the music
but has it put back
why'd the german guy ban ballet?
does it turn people gay?
it didn't do it to jean claude van damme
the suicide guy acts like hes been beat
but the german guy yawns and somehow it ruins the play
the suicide guy makes a play and it outshines nmozart
even Mozart likes it
then mozarts dad dies
and Mozart makes a dark tim burton opera
and only suicide guy undersyands it
and suicide guy gets a mental illness
he had the dark play closed after 5 shows
but went to each one
and loved it
after seeing it, suicide guy saw how he thinks he can beat God
this guys the real teenage punk
he thinks so highly of himself and wants to beat anyone he thinks is against him
hes like me as a stupid teen with mental issues and paranoia
so Mozart turned to booze like in team america
and suicide guy comes over in mozarts dads mask from the party b4 and asks to have him make a requim
his plan is to get mozarts death music, then get Mozart dead(somehow)
then suicide guy gets the credit for the music somehow
And in suicide guys mins, that's him "beating" God"

what about mozarts wife and son?
collateral damage?

suicide guy is just awful
Mozart asks the dog guy for money but he turns him down
a guy who wants Mozart to make a music but finds its all in mozarts head
and the spy maid wants out as Mozart scares her
Mozart goes mentally ill and dances around
mrs Mozart wants to help
and mozarts on drugs and alcohol
like kurt cobain
his woman is upset
I feel bad for her
shes done nothing evil
she loves her husband
then Mozart goes to playmusic at some drug party
his mom in law chews out Mozart for being a loser and he finds how to make music out of her squaking
it sounds like bird noises in his opera
in the opera Mozart collap[ses
theres a pretty deep tanned guy in the background
and I was gonna call this movie racist for having too many whites
he must be Croatian or something
maybe slovenian
we can be pretty dark
geez man
this play is strange
freekin Europeans and their weird Europeaness
Mozart is glad to see suicide guy as hes the only homie who came
suicide guy says Mozart is the reatest compser
moart hears banging on the door and thinks its the guy in his dads mask
its the people from his play
they care and brought his share of the payment

suicide guy tells Mozart that the mask guy says if he finishes the requim by tomorrow, he'd pay another 100
Mozart and suicide guy team up to finish it
like th decepticons and autobots teaming up to fight unicron
the audience hears the music as Mozart describes it
suicide guy has trouble keeping up
but after explained he gets it

they pull an all nighter
Mozart reveals he thought suicide giy never cared for his work
mrs Mozart comes home and finds them in separate beds
mrs Mozart wants him gone
she has a tender moment with her husband
she wants him to stop work on it
she wants suicide guy out but Mozart dies
he wasn't evil
just playful
hes berried in  A mass grave and gets cocaine dumped on him
suicide guy blames God for killing Mozart instead of letting them share fame
then says hes the patron saint of the average
and "absolves" the people in the nuthouse

te guy from ferris bueler was the german guy
I liked him in that movie
hes a good villian
yet not evil
he just wants whats best for the students

for Amadeus 2, I'd like mozarts son going on a quest to train to beat suicide guy and suicide guy has become a lich so he can outlast Mozart's memory. also mozarts son has the ability to use music as a weapon like in ecco the dolphin and his sonar. it could also be a contra style run/gun on sega genesis and super nes. and he has to beat the suicide guy's underlings and 7 evil generals who are slaves he owns the souls of and are undead daemons now. Mozart jr must go around Europe to kill each of them so he can revive Mozart 1 with their magic items

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