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Anna Karenina Review

NOTE; my keboard is badly destigned so expect typoes
anna Karenina
this is my review on anna Karenina
Im doung this on the 40s version with the chick from gone with the wind
its made in England so theres no real eastern Europeans in it
like how in birth of a nation the black guys were white guys in make up
theyre all played by britz and Irishmen
the music souns like soethng from a Chinese movie too
this Russian guy has his kids English teacher kicked out for some reason and theyre gonna get French lessons
what a waste
also his sister anna is coming over
im having trouble keeping up with this movie
its all subtle talk
so this count is meeting his mom at the train station and she showed anna the counts picture
theyre probably gonna b0ne
this is set back in the glory days of the czar
b4 the commies took over
tis chick rejects this guy whos gay for her
at the train station anna and the count see eachother and fall in love
anna and counts mom were talking about their sons
I bet she told him all his embarrassing things like him pooping on the floor
then a guy gets crushed by a train
I blame unions
if we didn't have them we could pay for more stuff
the soviet unions cause a lot of issues
anna talks to this girl who cant be with her husband cuz he cheeted on her but cant leave him cuz of the children
ches gonna get the aids as hes been with all these women
I saw it on this talk show
this guy was married to this chick
and he goes out b0ning people at night
then he b0nes her and she got the aids
anna talks about going to a dance and the count being there
but anna is married
this is turning into springer
and the count is a war hero from some 1800s war
the count drops by annas place and thy see eachother
just b0ne already!
im tinking how this doesn't look as good as gone with the wind
gwtw was in color and looked great
yet most modern things don't have as good colors
I blame the cg
its like
maybe with 80s color in the middle
so at the dance the count was supposed to dance with that girl anna was talking to but he blows her off to dance with anna and she ditched the dance b4 dinner
so anna is going to leave because she ruined the dance for that girl
after the trainride she walks through the snow and finds the count who is Is gay for her
she tells him she shouldn't be with him
wonder how long that's gonna last
in yugiogh is a girl named anna who uses a train deck and is gay for the main hero
maybe that's where they got it from
anna goes back to her husband and he doesn't suspect that she is gay for the count
the count went with her on the train
I think they b0ned
anna also has a really fruity looking son
bback in the other place, the girl from b4 is busted up about wanting to leave her man cuz he cheeted on her
annas husband is wrapped up in his work
hes in the counsil or whatever
anna wants to go to the opera but hes busy
so she goes with the count
this is like an adult movie style plot
she kisses her son goodnight
hes playing either chess or checkers
I cant tell with this footage
im getting tired
I see ths commercial for jidue(a pressure point thing for sleeP)
its a sign
i'll finish this review next time anna kerenina is on
k im back and its on again and this time on tcm
once again ive been up too long
good thing for pepsi
I woke up at 3 am sunday night and anna Karenina is on at 8am tuesday
I fell asleep
im 31mins in the fiom
I thnk I saw this b4
im good
yeah I saw this
im right on time
back to the show!
so the people are talkin about anna and how the count is b0ning her now
only not in those words
1 chick says that just cuz they aint b0ning others don't give them the right to judge them
so these rich people are gonna have a black ritual to contact the spirit of a lover of someone
while talking about dreams anna reveals she has dreams of a clanging noise before her end
they have a ritual where they are around a wobbly table and the lights are out and they ask the spirit to knock according to their questions
and the table rocks when they get an answer
knock 1x for A 2x for B and so on
what is their name is lower in the alphabet?
spirits need a lot of power to contact the living
so the count wants to be "just friends"
or maybe anna
but they then realize they cant so they go back to b0ning
after some offscreen b0ning anna returns to her husband and he talks to her about her b0ning the count
he knows as he came to the occult chicks house and people knew shes b0ning him
she plays innocent and they go off to their separate beds
the next day or whenever, its some outside event and the count sees anna outside
he wants to take her away from her husband
oh, its a horse thing
like in the legend of Zelda, ocarina of time
I loved that game
I didn't care for Mario 64 as I couldn't get the camera to work right
but Zelda got 3d right
so the count does the horse thing and pretty much the whole thing takes place offscreen with just showing people watching
the husband notices how she looks at the count
then something happens off screen and anna screams
I think the horse started b0ning the count
the count is unhurt but they'll destroy the horse
if they were gonna kill it, it would be simpler
but destroyed??
they're gonna blow that horse up into bacon bits!
the husband talks to anna about her b0ning the count
she says shes afraid of him and hates him
that's awful
what did he do to her besides reveal shes cheeting on him?
the next day the husband visits a divorce lawyer and wants custody of her son
in Russia you can only be divorced if one or both people are, deformed, away for 5 years, or cheeting
the lawyer says he needs evidence like letters
the next day the husband is looking for her letters
anna and her husband fight over them
he reveals hes divorcing her and wants their son
she throws a fit and he reveals his pain from being cheeted on
she acts like she is the victim and begs not for him to get custody
he asks if she even knew if he loved her
she throws a fit and plays the victim
so he says hes going off to Moscow or some far off place
later, after b0ning the count she eveals shes not ashamed for cheeting on her husband and is fully into him
then the next day the count resigns
his friend/superior officer tells him that Russia needs him and the count dosnt care
later its revealed that shes been b0ning the count for 10 years and dirty men admire her skill for keeping a husband and guy on the side for 10 years
then anna talks wth the count and he reveals in 1 month he's out of the service and they can go off and b0ne
while the husband is in a meeting, anna sends him a letter saying shes dying
later the husband arrives and tis revealed that she was preggo and the child was stilborn
that's sad
while in a hazy state, she sees a creepy guy clanging a metal rod with a metal hammer
while shes delirious she talks to her husband and not recognizes him
he shows care for her and comforts her after she recognizes him and fears dying
she reveals that shes the same as always and it was "the other woman in her" that fell in love
and now she's free and don't love the count anymore
sounds like she was posessed
she begs forgiveness nd falls asleep
also the count is there
then the count and the husband talk and he reveals all his bad feelings toward her are gone and he loves her
hes also not going to out the count for b0ning his wife
the count then blows his brains out
the papers say it was a firearms cleaning accident and hes gonna be ok
I assume hes a vegetable
some chick talks to some dude about being in love with him
later someones getting married but anna isn't well enough to go
oh, its the chick who ust came out to her bf
while her husband is out she sees the count and they b0ne in a carriage
turns out they've been going around Europe and b0ning
I guess he faked his accident
3 months later they're in Italy and the Russian forces stop by the country
the count goes and hangs out with them
after he gets back he reveals they might be fighting the turks or something
she says she wants to return to russia
when they get back its raining
didn't know it rained in russia
thought it was a frozen wasteland like people think Canada is
her husband is crushed that his wife left and betrayed him
some princess brings a message to him from anna and she wants to see her son
the husband talks to annas brother and tells him to tell her that he refuses her request
anna talks to someone about her son but finds hes spread word shes dead
better than admitting she left him for another man
she sneaks in and spends time with her son
hes happy to see her as he doesn't know she ditched the fam to b0ne that guy'
he probably dosnt even know what b0ning is
the husband comes in and is displeased by her return
she asks him for a divorce (although im not sure why, shes already b0ned that guy 1000 times)
he tells her no as hes not going to do anything for her after she betrayed him
later the counts mom is visiting him and anna wants to go to the opera with him
but as this is back when people had morals, they cant go together
imagine, nowadays we got kim kardashian who did pretty much the same thing as anna but was celebrated for it by the media
how times decrode
at the opera anna is malcontent as some chick didn't like sitting next to her
the count says she needs a divorce and somehow it'll make everything better
later the count gets a letter that says his mommy needs him back home
anna is paranoid that he wont return and his mom wants him to marry a princess
also she doesn't feel she needs a divorce
later she reveals to some other chick that shes growing paranoid and has already asked her husband for a divorce ND he said no
the chick who just got married thanks ana for having something to do with her getting married
the count then reveals he found out her hus and said no
she acts like he don't love her and he goes off somewhere but his note says hes coming back in 2 days
she gets paranoid about him marrying that princess and that she wants to "follow him, punish him, escAPE from him and herself"
I think shes possessed again
at the train station she talks to herself and says bummer things about herself
on the train she gets an urge to go out while kinda zoned out
she hears a hammer on metal clanging from a guy checking the train or something
she thinks she sees some guy but its not him
then she walks onto the train trax and gets splattered
she just falls falls doen and the train goes over her
shes still dad though
the end
for anna Karenina 2 I'd like for sergei to be an adult and have found out about his mom by witchcraft. he tries to revive her with some kind of wicked forbidden magic but it winds up releasing communism and it destroys Russia. realizing the error of his ways, he learns holy ways and goes around exorcising  the demons that turn humans into commies while using holy powers to deflect bullets and being able to phase through matter. Also Rasputin is his spirit guide in a native american way and can form spirit armor to give him a super mode against strong commies and daemons. its also a 16 bit platformer/beat em up on sega genesis and super Nintendo and player 2 is the next in line to being czar after all those above him in line wee killed by commies

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