Thursday, February 4, 2016

No Way Out Review

note; my keyboard is kinda screwed up and the keys are badly placed
so don't mind the tyops
no way out
this is my review of the filme no way oute
it starts with kevin costnere being interrigated
then flashbacks to 6 onths agop
hes at a party with some 80s chick and theres a lot of smoking
I miss how we wernt so homophobic about smoking in movies back then
now someone lights up and the pc Nazis throw a fit
unless iyts drugs
drugs are goo now but smoking is bad
its like bizzarro worlde
so kevin costnere takes the chick bCK TO his hotel and they b0ne in the car
I thik this is da 80s so he might get aids
hey make out for several days like in the room and he goes to da airportw and to a boat
on the boat kevin costnere saves a guy
later a 3rd world kid steals kevin costneres bag
he should've gunned thay little p o s jawbrony candy a55 down
then he goes back to the chick and the b0ne
so gene Hackman tells keniv costener that they wanna make a sub as big as AN aircraft carroer
but he wants it cancelled
they should mAKE it 3/4th of a mile
like the SDF 1 in Robotech
after pretty muxh notching haPPINS for a buncha scenes, kevin coster and his woiman go to some hpuse in the country
they go to a water and ride a boat
theres a lotta boatz in this fimle
so after dat they return and the chix man comes home
and the chix man iz gene hackmNB
gene knows shes cheeting on him and backhands her
she fallas off the stairs and on the glass table an d is dead
she shouldn't have cheeted on him
if I steal ur car and u slug mme out are u the bad guy?
then gene gets his minion to clean it up
and hey decide to pin it on a guy named yuri who might be a soviet
and they get kevin sotcoer to do the investig8ion
the minion guy plants an item he found with the evitdence and ita a negative of a poloriod kevin Costner took of him/the chick
the minion also gets some assassins under his commande
the minion and kevin costener show a bit of their hands yet with some bluffs
the higher ups know she was with gene and kevin
yet they think kevin Costner is queer
so hes not a suspecte
the computers are working on the poloriod
and have a chance of decoding it
they don't think kevin costneres queer
its the minion
the minion tries to interrog8 a black womasn and threatens her with deportation
she knows about gene hackmaN
but the minion forces on her until she gives some fake infoh
a guy wants to give another guy an item of evidence that the chick guy from gene
kevin costneres handles it
a higher up confronts gene and minion
minion sez the African woman knows of gene
and sendshe assassins anfter her
kevin goes on a carchase and they race to get to her in a long chase with 80 music
he escapes on the subway but they know who he iz
kevin saves her and they fight
he aRGUIes with minion and uses info and the item from before to set up a way to nail gene
he reveals to his cripple friend in tech for the investig8ion dat hes the one in the poloriod and about the other stuff
he helps  kevin Costner
kevin coster does a payphone call and the guy from the boat place sees kevin costnere and they try to zero in on him to recognize him
another guy is brought in'
from a hotele
kevin costbner is pulling the strongs
but the witnesses are taken to the basebment to check for him
kevin spills coffee on his white pants and goes to change
the cripple tells the minion he thinks kevins in over his head
kevin hides in the celin to avoid being fingered
the cripple outs kevin to the minion
and the minion caps the cripples dead a55
the assassins chace kevin and they fight with 80s musik
kevin takes em down and confronts gene
the minion name is scott
a lot of gay guys are namedscott
gene turns on minion
and tries to get kevin to join him
the minion blows his brains out
gene sez minion was the killer
kevin has the evidence paper sent 2 da c ia
but the poloriod is finished processing
and it outs kevin Costner
then back in the non 6 months ago
kevin was a soviet  all along
he really was yuri
didn't see dat commin
I think if no way out 2, he should go to the soviet union on an expedition to find the surviving mammoths and ty to bring them arcoss the pole to take over amerika like Hannibal did with the alps

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