Thursday, February 4, 2016

Beetlejuice Review

please excuse the bad typing. my keyboard is scerwy
this is my review on beetlejuice
it starts with this couple making a model town
they go into tpwn to get something for the model town and all off a bridge from avoiding running over a dog
they returm later and find out theyre dead
its like 10 mins in and the main characters are dead
its like in dbz when goku was killed off in under 5 eps into the series
when adam balwin leaves the property he goes into some darkworld like in zelda
they find a guidebook for being dead
you gotta ead the manuel
the living cant see nor hear them
i note the excellent se of 80s effects
it looks otherworldly
but realiatic
better than the overused cgi they spread too thick on todays filmes
later the guy from ferris bueler and the chick from edward scizzorhands move in
the mom is an arteest and makes f'd up tim burton art
also im wathing this on ytv sp the swear words are blanked out
although they aired gundam seed with much worse swearings
also in here is the gay guy from demolition man
the dead couple ties to scare em with good 80s effex but the humans cant see em
its a good symbolic view on hard work not being appreciated by stuck up dinks with too much money and power
alec bawldin had a but butt
i bet its full of candy
they try to leave again but go back to the weird sand wurm zone
after they escape we find the daughter from edward scizzorharnds is emo
l8r they add onto the house and dump the old fams belongings
the fam fins an add for beetleguese
the girl can see the ghosts
i forgot what i was gonna say next xP
bj comes on tv and has a charismatic add
hes cool
like if ace ventura wasnt a p o s
the ghosts go to the aterworld and find a weird dbz style place
while they're gone the emo girl finds the attic and their guide book
now i remember what i wanted to say
the afterward is green like in corpse bride
and now a pale tim burton blue and weird calagari things
they retuen and find they were gone 3 months
they find their home all screwed up
its like weird nosferatu and caligari and golem
they find bj is bad news
hes a bio exorcist and drives the live out with his insanity
robert goulet
but he plays a buttole
they meet the emo and she likes em cuz shes weird
shes probalby gonna grow up to be a naecrophililiak
they mention alix bawin has a photo of big foot
thas gonna become handly l8r
they say bj's name 3x and get shrunk to g i joe size on their model town
ahh bj is awesome
such bad charisma
michael keaton is so great as this maniac
hes insane yet cheerful
like the joker meets elvira
with some pee wee herman
they escape and the living have a dinner party
the ghosts make them do a africano dance
they enjoyed it
and wanna make mpney on it
its a goo deconstruction on moern views of the supernatural
and how our cultue has devolved
but this was 20 years ago
thngs have devolved further
they go up 2 da addic to get them to do more
but they aint thee as tere hiding
but the gay guy from demoloon man gets their necronomicon
a claymation bj freax em out
and the girl thinx the dead fam did it
oh and bj likes the emo girl
one ghost in the afterworld asks where the mens room is
as these people carry their death image with em
i think that explains why when you die u poop urself
thres a lot of timeskips in here
its like dbz
so the emo girl wants to suicide
and the dead fam use claymation to turn into freaks
bj tries to get the emo to let him free
he needs his name said 3x but he ca tell her for some queer reason
she sez his name 2x and gets suspicious
the dead fam talks about their issues while freaks
it shows hoween the diffeent are real people with issues
they stop emo from saying his name and get her to stop being suicidal
she offeres a peace prospect to live together
but the gay guy rom demolitoion nan wants to summom them
they use their wedding clothes and bing them back but they decrode
emo makes a deal with bj to marry him so he can be free and he helps them
its showtime
he kills some people and gets back at the gay guy by... changing his clothes??
he brings the weird sculptures to life as clay mation and has a wedding with a teen girl
this movie is awesome!
all that fast paced insanity
after some awesome 80s effects and creaivity, he gets eaten by a claymation monster and the weddings off
that marriage thing is like corpse bride
the film ends with the emo going to a girls school and living with the ghosts but i think theyre alive. its not really explained.
her fam is also there
it ends with the girl dancing with football ghosts seen in the movie earlier
i symbol ofsaying that even minor people can chip in their 2 bits in the end and no one is forgotton or unimportant
for bj 2 i'd like a cross over with the care bears where they try to cheer up the emo gurl. it would also be using the 80s cartoon bj characters cuz both were done in canada.

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