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White Heat Review

note; cr-ppy typing
white heat
this is my review on white heat(the 40s film)(with james cagney)
its fullscreen
no black barz
directed by Raoul walsh
he was john wilkes booth in birth of a nation
he's learned from the master
d w Griffith!
the film starts with cagney and friends driving
a train is pulled over by passengers with firearms
maybe a good guy with a gun could've capped em
saved some lives
the passengers stop the train in a place by a bridge and cap the unarmed guy trying to stop em
cagney and his men take over the train and his man who's manning the controls of the train keeps dropping hints
cagneys real name(cody) and the man's old job on the railroad
cody caps the train drivers and his men loot the train
suddenly, a steam burst burns one of cody's men
later, cody and friends are hiding in the mountains and 1 of cody's men is disgruntled
despite being a killer, cody loves his mom
theres some good in him
cody's woman (played by Virginia mayo) complains about the cold but cody don't want smoke from the fire signaling the heat
cody's disgruntled man (big ed(that sounds like a p0rn0 name)) is planning on starscreaming his way over cody
also cody keeps getting headaches and is fully disabled by em
his mom gives him some booze and sez; top of da wolrd son!
then 1 of his men comes in saying theres a storm thats gonna take out the roads tonight
he decides to bail and leave the steam burned guy
he tells the burn victim he's sending back a doc
as they leave he tells one other guy to finish him like in mortal kombat
the guy fires into the air(letting cold air in from the roof) and gives him matches
he sez he's gonna come back later
later the cops autopsy the steamed guy and use detective work from what they got.
they find dust on his clothes matches dust on the train area heist
also the prints on the matchbook match the guy who gave it to him
a known member of cody's gang
I love this stuff
its like law and order
later cody finds his mom went out to get strawberrys for him and the cops are on him
his woman mocks him so he kicks her chair shes standing on and she falls on the couch
women get off easy in these 40s films
if a man said that he'd get slugged
meanwhile, the cops have a chain of cars following the mom over several blocks with each car covering a certain area
she tries to evade em
btw, the cops talk on the radio and car phones
did they even have car phones in the 40s?
driving while on the phone
cant do that anymore
a car backing out of a driveway cuts off the cops and she get away
at night they find her car and 1 cop goes in alone while the other goes to call the others
the cop gets cody but he caps him and drives off
so much action
this films awesome
and they don't need swearing or heads exploding or b0ning to make it cool
after a car chase, the gang hides in a drive in theatre
cody plans to turn himself in and take the heat for another guy's crimes that happened somewhere else at the same time
he' only do 2 years
beats the gas chamber for the train thing
cody planned for this b4 doing the train
later his mom and woman tell the story that cody's somewhere else
and cody surrenders
meanwhile, the cops plan to plant a guy I prison undercover to find out about cody
its revealed that cody's dad was in the nut house
and his headaches started as fake but became real
then cody is sentenced
wtf, his real name is arthur
cody is his middle name
I was playing ghouls and ghosts a week ago on my sega
beat it too
took under 3 hours
I expected it to be all day
in prison this guy with a hearing aid and reads lips to find big ed is taking over
the undercover notice\s a guy who can finger him is giving shots and he's next in line
so he starts a fist fight
he goes to da hole
cody don't trust the under cover guy and reads his mail
he comes out of solitary and becomes friends with the cody boys
also big ed has brought in 57 000 $
cody's mo wants to keep some set aside for cody but big ed and cody's woman wanna have cody iced
big ed has a guy in the joint
also big ed is b0ning cody's woman
in the prison metal zone the hitman tries to take out cody but the undercover guy saves him
this reminds me of mega turrican with the crane dropping a thing on him
that was a great sega game
then cody's mom sees him in prison
she reveals big ed ran off with cody's woman and shes gonna take him out
he begs her not to but she leaves
cody lets the hitman kow he's on to him bu then has a headache
the undercover helps him
at night cody wants to bust out and bring the under cover guy
the undercover guy reveals hers got a plan too
later the undercover guy plans with his fake wife to set up rthe escape plan to catch cody
later its revealed the get away car will have a tracking bug
the next day theyre having lunch and cody founds big ed got his mom
cody goes mental and fights
later cody's in a straight jacket and playing mental
he whispers info to the guy feeding him
the shrink sez cody is demented and can have periods of normal behaivior
so he's getting sent to the nuthouse
later he's getting ready to be commited but his man brings in a gun and cody gets freed
he takes the dr hostage and takes over the jail
he gets the hitman and brings the heairing aids guy and undercover guy
they escape using the shrink's car
at a house cody gets changed and caps the hitman
the big ed and the woman are worried about cody and she sez he;s not human
he seems bulletproof
also the woman capped the mom
in the back
later the woman trys to flee but cody catches her
he's gonna cut her open and b0ne her guts!
she claims shes running from big ed and she is loyal to cody
she also claims it was big ed who capped cody's mom
cody catches big ed but he runs so cody caps him
cody's men come in and he kicks big ed's bod down the stairs
I assume he b0ned the body in the real version
later cody finds his men bought a gas truck
so he plans to use it in a thing to get rich
his woman is nervous so he tells her to read comic books
he plans to use the gas truck to get in this place to jack it by having his men hide in the truck
the next day this fishing guy comes by asking for a phone
cody brings him in and everyone thinks he's gonna ice him
turns out to be a guy working with cody to jack this chemical plant
wait, isnt that used in batman(89)
then the undercover guy comes in and asks what the guy is fishing for
he says bass but theyre in trout country
the undercover guy pulls a gun but cody sez its ok
that night the under cover guy trys to leave but is caught
he claims he was goinna see his wife
they talk about their backstorys
cody/his woman go to bed to b0ne and the undercover guy turns her radio into a communication device to send signals to reveal the trucks location
they leave but stop at a gas station and the undercover guy writes a message on the mirror in soap
as they leave he tells the gas guy the mirror's dirty
later the guy who could finger the underciover guy come to drive the truck and everyone gets into the truck thing
then a guy at the gas station tells the gas guy about the mirror
imagine if the guy who found it didn't speak English and couldn't understand the message and wiped it off
good thing in the 40s everyone spoke English in america
the cops use the mirror message to track the truck
eventually they reach the chemical plant(not the sonic level)
they come in and take it over and torch open the safe
the guy wjho can finger the undercover guy recognizes him and the undr cover guy pulls a gun on em
they disarm him but the cops arrive
and cody's woman turns on him to the cops
but they lock her up
shes gonna get b0ned in prison
theres a gunfight at the chemical plant(like in batman) and the undercover guy gets away
the under cover guy tells the cops to pick up the fishing guy
also now its night
maybe not
its just b/w
theres a gunfight and a chase and cody climbs a chemical holding thing
now I think its night
cody starts goin nuts and his last man surrenders
so cody caps him
the cops try to make him surrender but he's going out like Uyghur in Hokuto no ken
fighting til the end
even if theres a 99% chance he's getting ripped apart
cody takes as few bullets but don't go down
then the thing he;'s on catches fire
he sez; top of da world!
then it goes boom
the end
what a great film
if remade today it would totally s-ck
For White Heat 2 I'd like it if he survived the explosion and it gave him super powers. He would use it to take down those who oppose him and hunt down and microwave/explode anyone who ever did anything he didn't like. Soon he goes supernova from his powers going out of control and he mutates into a weird crotch like monster like in Urotsukidoji or La Blue Girl.

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