Thursday, February 4, 2016

An American In Paris Review

note; my keyboard is kinda screwed up and the keys are badly placed
so don't mind the tyopes
an american in paris
this is my review of an american in paris
its about the guy from singin in da rain as a hetero artist americano living in Europe after war ww2
I liked gene Kelly in singin in da rain but I feel fred Astaire is the superior dancer
sorta like sega genesis vs super Nintendo did in the 90s
but in the time when people remembered the slavery days
like tesla vs edison
I assume this film is what an american werewolf in pasis is a sequel tpo
and thus is maybe a sequel to the wolf man
I don't like how the frenchies cant pronounce the letter H
its like that guttersnipe in pygmallion wo leslie howard trained not to be cockney
man I hate cockney accents
I couldn't even watch oliver cuz I couldn't understand what thy were sayig in their queer clockwork orange talk
do people realy talk like that in this century?
or did it die out with shakspre?
so gene Kelly talks with this frenchie about this chick
they imagine several dances of herwith each sentence
usually doing some leg/crotch dance
is this an adult movie??
I know Europe is big on that
look at all their art
just nude men
and some women
this one guy is called
on ree
I assume its mispronouncing henry
unless hes asian
like liu kang in mortal kombat
so gene on ree and this pianist sing some gayish song together
knowing the Hollywood censors at the time
I assume its a metaphor for them b0ning
like when a couple is kissing and it cuts to fireworks
man, this IS an adult movie!
now som old laadys join in
this is turning into Caligula!
l8r some blonde comes in and buys some painting from geme kelly
gene is popular among the kids
hes probably selling them drugs
or getting them smokes or booze
and they are his minions
and when someon goes against him
he has the kids swarm em and eat em alove
gene does aNOTHer dancye
its not as good as singin in da rain
or esp fred astaie
it gets btter as it goes on though
gene goes back to the blondes place and they drink
back in the 50s people drank and smoked all the time
now people throw a fit if theres any smoking or drinking in a non r rated film
the blonde wants to now gene better and his art
they go to what looks like AN OPIUM DEN AND HAVE MORe drinks
the blonde lost her old bf to another woman
just like in springer
but less klansmen and cross dressers
maybe not
this is Europe
so the blonde wants to help genes art become better known
I just realized this movie is full screen
no black bars
my opinion of this film ust improved'
then the dancer leg/crotch girl I basck and gene ballroom dances with her
she has creepy ice blue eyes
and a creepy face
ses probably the killer
gene gets her nmber a phone and they leave
the blone wines about gene being in dance with that crotch/leg girl
gene leaves her
and the next day calles the crotch/leg girl but she rejects him
the blonde returns and sez genes paintingz were popular with her contacts
when gene was dancing with the girl im pretty sure they were b0ning and the dance was a censor mtaphor
which explains why they were mad at him
gene stalks the crotch/leg girl at her work and helps a lady choose perfume
after choosing one for her, he sez; the frenchies wont let u leave. and. you'll need protectionn
I knew this was an aadult video
so he wins over the leg/crotch girl and gene sings while his poiano friend is bugged by him
I assume this is them b0ning too
he also does a fun yet not the best ddance
I guess I was spoled by sngin in da rain/fred asaire
on the date, the crotch/leg girl and gene kally hang out and dance(which I assume means b0ning)
but she riuns out cuz its 11pmand they promice to meet again on saturdae
on ree does abroADWAY show with the light up stairs reused in all those 90s caroons
on ree has a guy who wants him to come to anmerica for a tour of his show
but the crotch leg girl id his gf wo he wants to marry
gene and blonde debate om him doing something for 3 months and he agreez to do it
I missed a bit as I was recording a tune I came up with and had 2 mute da t v
we get a montage of him painting
crotch leg almost comes out with her secret butdoesnt
hey stop by genes place but crotch leg speeds off while hes out so she isn't recognized
on ree and piano say something but I was getting my fries from the oven so I missed som of it
on ree and gene smile really gayly and sing
I assue there b0ning
they start dancing
they ARE b0ning!!
theres a really good distance shot that would look awful in widescreen at the end of the song
gene meets crotch leg and admits his love but she sez shs getting married
and that shes with on ree
she saved by him during the wAR
as gene leaves she sez she loves gene
gene rebounds with the blonde
she sez; I feel like a woman for a change
I assume shes really a man
now I notice shes a bit flat and mannish faced
they go to some party
on ree/crotchleg/gene/blonde meet but on ree and blonde don't know of them(but gene tells blonde)
gene/ crotchleg tak outside
she sez; paris as ways of making u forget
I assume she means drugs
gene goes emo and they hug
gene has some kind of drug fantasy
it goes on for like 8 mins
ad its nt as good as fred astaire
freaad Astaire does what gene Kelly dont
just had the worst idea
thry show the dance scene
and cut to the scene where kurtwood smith shoots the guys legs in robocop
this long dance scene seems to get more and more hmosxl each segment
I assume its symbolizing his decent into drugs and b0ning after the crotch leg girl
it goes back to the partty
I guess he died but got a chance to return to his past time and redo it
and he gets his woman back
the end
for an american in paris 2 I'd like the consequesnes of his returning to get the girl from his dead time line resulting in 2 possible time lines where time gods ave to intervine or it migt destroy the universe. maybe him having to fight these time gods like in yugioh 5ds and he gets a flying motorcycle and fight his post apocalyptic future self

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